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Only Time Will Tell
Chapter 1
By: Aireonna (a.k.a. Candice Willman)

Disclaimer: I do not own the X-men. Maybe I will bring in a few OC’s in later but until then. They are all owned by who ever. Lol. Drats. *snaps fingers*

A/N: I’m back… And I hope you all enjoy my new fic. This is a Ro/Lo fic major all the way. Since them two are my favorite couple there will be a lot of mushy stuff with them…Or later that is. A bit of Rogue and Remy, Jean and Scott and any other couples I might just drop in. ^_^ This fic is a movie verse. I was inspired to write it by Libby Edwards; I would like to make a special thanks out to her and her fic, She Walks in Beauty. If you haven’t read it PLEASE!! By all means you must read it now! It is the best fic ever. Thank you Libby. ^_^ Now read on my friends!


Ororo Munroe gently brushed a stray strand of hair out of her tired face before pulling off her frail glasses. She sighed gently as the class bell rang for yet another summer weekend history lesson. She had no idea how she had gotten talked into doing them in the first place. Maybe for an excuse to stay during the weekends. However it was, they were getting to get so very boring for even her at times.

The students of the Mutant Academy, “The school for the gifted” as some called it, entered the classroom and took their seats waiting for the lesson in store for today to begin.

Ororo stood up and walked to the center of the room glancing around slowly. Taking in a deep breath she began hoping for the best. This summer had not been easy. With Marie finally settling in after Logan’s departure and the settling of the stir Magneto had caused, humans eyes had been opened up to them. To mutants. Ororo smiled gently as whispers amongst her class broke her from her thoughts.

“Today’s class will be a bit different, I’ve decided that we have all been working rather hard lately and deserve a little break.” Ororo replied while pulling a cart towards her. On top of the cart rested one of Ororo’s pride and joys, her magnolia plant.

“Today I am going to demonstrate my mutant abilities and then we will witness and discuss yours. Any questions?”

Ororo looked around the room and stopped as Rogue’s hand rose to the air. Gulping a little than motioning for Rogue to state her question or opinion Ororo smiled.

“Yes Rogue?”

Rogue stood up and looked around to her classmates. Kitty Pryde smiled at her with a warm glance.

“Well Ah think Ah speak for all of us when Ah ask: Who are ya and what did ya do wit’ our teacher?” Rogue finished her statement and returned to her seat. The class let out some laughs and waited for Ororo to yell or do something rational.

Ororo laughed a little along with her students and smiled.

“Well you know. It’s a little weird but I just happen to be a fun person.” She replied while looking at all the young faces. Smiling to herself she brushed her hair away from her face as it fell loosely behind her ear.

“Now, let’s begin.”

Ororo brought two glowing hands together. Miniature bolts of white lightning darted between then until a small cloud formed. She positioned the cloud over her plant as a small rumble of thunder sounded and a tiny rainstorm began. Ororo stepped back slowly to admire her handiwork as the class cheered and ranted. She was sure her method of taking care of her plants out beat a watering can any day.

Ororo clapped a little and the class quieted knowing the signal. She than cleared her throat and sat at her desk.

“Now, who would like to go next?” She questioned as she looked into her students eyes.

The rest of the class period seemed to drag by as the students enjoyed their free day of just relaxing and laughing. Glancing at the clock as the second hand hit the nine, Ororo sighed. Rolling her blue eyes she smiled, this was going to be one hell of a summer. Jumping slightly as the bell rang signaling the end of class, startling Ororo from her trance. She quickly stood and clapped her hands as the students all turned their attention to her.

“Tomorrow, we will have a review of the recent chapter we have been studying. Everyone enjoy the rest of your day.” And at that she smiled as the class hurried on out the door. Picking up her notes and papers from the night before Ororo made her way out locking her classroom door behind her. Turning slowly to walk down the hall she heard something.

A giggle of some sort made its way to her ears. It was Rogue. But why on Earth would she be giggling? Ororo wondered to herself. Making her way towards the faint sound she laughed to herself at how amusing this was going to be. Turning the corner slowly she stopped abruptly dead center of the doorway. Her eyes widened at what she saw. It couldn’t be. Not now.

“L..Lo…Logan” she replied stammering on the word as she stared on at the sight. There Logan was standing next to the couch with Marie sitting on the arm of the chair. They looked as if they were engaging in a conversation.

But this couldn’t be. Logan was back. After seven long months of worrying over him. After no word of if he was even alive. Here he was. Like a ghost haunting its prey. He was here.

“Hey ‘Ro. Long time no see.” He replied like there was nothing wrong. As if he had never left.

Ororo’s bright blue eyes glistened in the sun as she smiled warmly at him bowing her head slightly. “Yes Logan. Welcome back. So very sorry I wasn’t here at your arrival. But we had a…”

Logan waved his hands cutting her mid-drift sentence, “No need to be sorry darlin’.” He replied in a cocky tone. Ororo smiled at him and bowed her head.

“Logan! Ah can’t believe your really back!” Rogue replied throwing her gloved arms around his broad neck in an unearthly manner. Logan returned the embrace and patted the young girl on the head.

“Well you better believe it darlin’, because it’s true. I’m really back.” He stated looking over to ‘Ro who seemed to be looking anywhere but at him. She seemed nervous or unbalanced. But Logan just shrugged it off as Rogue dragged him towards the hall way.

Ororo’s eyes widened and smiled towards Rogue, “I’ll catch you up on all the details later Logan!” She could faintly here his grunt as he disappeared down the hall. Sighing quietly she closed her eyes, wrapping her arms around herself as a chill came through the house from the open door. Open door? Ororo peeked around the corner of glancing to towards the door way to see the old wooden door swinging back and forth on its rust hinges in the wind.

Hmm…I wonder why he left it open. Ororo thought to herself, shrugging and making her way towards the door she slowly took the old handle into her brown creamy hand and pushed it closed slowly listening to the squeak of the rusted metal. Turning around in satisfaction, wrapping her arms back around herself, she made her way to the stair case.

“Bonjour, mam'selle Stormy.” A voice said from behind Ororo.

Ororo jumped in reaction to the unknown voice, letting out a slight yelp of startlement.
Turning around abruptly to see Remy leaning against the door frame with his arms crossed across his broad chest and a smile on his handsome face.

“Remy! Don’t do that to me!” She yelled blushing slightly, but yet laughing quietly to herself.
“De Remy is sorry chere. Remy didn’ mean to startle ya.” He smiled in a way only he could manage with that deep Cajun accent of his. Ororo couldn’t help but smile back and he knew that. She always was a softy.

“Have ya seen Rogue?” Remy asked standing straight up and walking towards Ororo in a stride that expressed such beauty as Ororo saw it. A way no man could normally express themselves yet Remy seemed to do it rather well.

“Yes, as a matter of fact, she just headed down that hall with…Logan.” She stated pointing towards the westward hall of the estate.

“You mean De Wolverine be back?” Remy asked with a slight chuckle.

Ororo giggled softly and shook her head yes. “Yes Remy, Logan has returned.” Before she could say anymore, Remy grabbed her small fragile hand in his and placed a gentle kiss against her palm sending a slight blush across her darkened cheeks. And as quickly as he had appeared, he vanished down the hall way in which Rogue and Logan had recently made their way down.

Ororo sighed and placed a small hand against the banister of the stairs. “Looks like it’s just you.” Ororo whispered to herself as she made her way up the stairs.

Jean Gray’s face softened at the look on Ororo Munroe’s face as she made her way up the large stair case.

Poor girl. She seems so distant anymore. Don’t worry ‘Ro, you will see soon that you are not alone. And Logan is just the same. Maybe…Just maybe…Jean thought telepathically. Pushing back a stray strand of flame red hair she smiled over at the man making his way towards her knocking her out of her thoughts.

“Did I miss something?” Scott Summers asked as sun shone off his bright red sunglasses sending a wicked grin across his face.

“No. Nothing at all love.”


A/N: End of first chapter! What did you think? I hope you liked it! Please review and tell me what you all thought. It just came to me, me loving Ro/Lo fics, I had to write one myself! I hope to have time to actually write in it; as with my other fics; soon. But if not I will try my best to update ASAP! Thanks for reading, be a kind reader and review please! ^_^

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