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Reviews For 28 Days Later
Mystiqbard12-28-09 - 02:28 pm4: The Necessary Changes...Signed
in my opinion, choosing to ignore the movie is a very very smart move. do continue to write

Duben11-15-09 - 06:01 pm4: The Necessary Changes...Anonymous
YAY! An update, I never thought that would happen!!!

Shasty McNasty11-09-09 - 07:41 am4: The Necessary Changes...Anonymous
I told you I'd get here and review you up. Now, who's the man? :) I think I have an idea where this is going, but I don't want to spoil it for anyone. If I'm right though, this is going to be epic. The new addition of adultd were a nice touch. I like Alex as the comic relief even though he's dealing with his own demons. Nice to see Sage and Ceceila making appearances in the story. Glad to see you back in action, babe. I'll text you later.

msking11-08-09 - 11:07 am4: The Necessary Changes...Anonymous
I'm actually am a fan of your fics, because a lot of intrigue & creativity went into them, regardless of the verse. I want to express my joy that you decided to come back into writing these fics. This was definitely one of the better ones cause u were able to incorporate another original idea, without making it seem far fetched & implausible. Like I said I really enjoy your work, & I hope 2 read more from you soon. :-)

Anon11-07-09 - 01:47 am4: The Necessary Changes...Anonymous
Better late than never I say. Glad your back with a bang. You still got it. Now stay with us long enough to finish it. :)

Sparkle (RnBwRvrGrl)11-06-09 - 06:17 pm4: The Necessary Changes...Anonymous
You updated! I love this conspiracy theory going on, but it's well founded unlike most theories. This doesn't sound good and I'm guessing once it all pieces together it will explain Rogue's headaches and whatever else you have in store for us. I like how Ororo is kind of keeping Logan at a distance at this point. Hoping to see more of her motives and reasoning for that. Wolverine movie = bad for business. Let us never speak of it again. ;) Yay! Update!

Cee11-06-09 - 04:39 pm4: The Necessary Changes...Anonymous
yes, please, PLEASE ignore the Wolverine movie.

Love this as much as I did when you first uploaded it. Alex is awesome, I adore Sage in anything, and I like the building momentum. Can't wait to see who the psychic in peril is.

Steph :)10-10-07 - 04:38 pm3: Project Freedom ForceAnonymous
Oohhh, I'm intrigued!
Can't wait to see where this psi-scream came from. And what's with Marie's headaches? The cure a poison? OMG... that's creepy.
Love the familiarity between Ororo and Alex, goofing around in the kitchen like children, making Logan feel like the only adult in the room. LOL
MMmhhh, Sabretooth. *drools* Can't wait to see him in action! :D
I'm curious to see where you are going with this.

K.09-11-07 - 10:20 pm3: Project Freedom ForceAnonymous

Roxxiibebe09-04-07 - 04:32 am3: Project Freedom ForceAnonymous
Freedom Force ( the comic ) was a totally disaster. It was a stupid plan that should have never been thought of.

I love everything about this story. The repartee going on between Alex and Storm was hilarious. Ever since the second chapter I knew Alex was going to be an more entertaining character.

Is there going to be history between Ororo and Pietro? Or maybe our Captain America will be a distraction for our weather witch?
Great story. Can't wait to read more.

One Crazy Pinay08-24-07 - 04:53 pm3: Project Freedom ForceAnonymous
I remember telling you over AIM what I thought of this chapter, but I don't remember reviewing here or on This chapter was a mix of funny and serious. You have Alex and Ororo acting like kids. Then, you have all this seriousness about Freedom Force. I'm not quite sure what you're setting us up for yet, but I can tell it's going to be a fun ride. :)

Darlin08-24-07 - 09:22 am3: Project Freedom ForceSigned
OMIGOSH! This last chapter was so much fun. I will admit, and it’s no secret, that I hate the movie and most movie fics but I’m really enjoying this now. Of course your movie fics are usually very good so I shouldn’t be surprised. Well, Alex and Ororo are perfect together, like brother and sister. I just love the family camaraderie that you’ve established. Alex actually reminds me of Bobby which is one of my complaints about the movie, making Bobby into an entirely different character for what purpose? E-gad! But I won’t go off on that or the other 100 reasons why the movie sucked, the last movie in particular.

Okay, sorry you can see how the movies affect me, just can’t help it. So, your story is perfectly delightful. I can’t wait to see what develops. I felt possibly there might be hints of an Ororo Pietro hookup in the past and of course there was mention of Forge so I’m very curious to see what you have up your sleeve. And I really enjoyed how you have Steve and Val in this even though they weren’t shown. I love that your stories incorporate other Marvel characters. They all live in the same universe so it’s only logical to use them and no need to make up pretend characters. I hate original characters usually, hate, hate, hate them. Which reminds me, I’m not familiar with Laura Dean at all, is she an OC or someone from Marvel?

Nick (SMcN)08-20-07 - 01:04 am3: Project Freedom ForceAnonymous
Short review. I'm about to run. I always enjoy how you take things and make them your own. This is a nice twist on Alex's character, on FF, on everything. Next chapter, FTW!

OriginalCeenote08-19-07 - 04:10 am3: Project Freedom ForceAnonymous
I loved this chapter because it was full of great character references to both Freedom Force and the old Brotherhood. Alex is going to be one of my favorite characters in this story, I can already tell. I love the banter among them over that ice cream, it was priceless, very true, and I can picture Ororo making faces at him like "boy, you better back up and get those cottonpickin' fingers outta my Chocolate Delight, or there's gonna be trouble up in this piece!" Get him, 'Ro! Five second rule...hee hee hee.

Logan is strong and no-nonsense here, playing straight man in a silly scene. That last paragraph just gives a girl chills about what good stuff I know you're brewing in that brilliant head, Dimples.

RnbwRvrGrl08-17-07 - 03:56 pm3: Project Freedom ForceAnonymous
That's why Sabretooth is so sexy. Oops. Did I type that for everyone to see? I remember Freedom Force in the comics. That worked all of nine seconds, and it would've worked longer if Mystique could pull herself together. What a train wreck. Alex is so cute. "I'll bring the hot dog buns." That had me giggling. So did the conquest of Ororo's ice cream, and his "no bias" policy when it came to the laundry. I love how Logan feels like he's the only adult in the kitchen. Please don't let FF get them. *sniffles* Update soon, svp!

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