Dark Secrets come to light by Beautiful Storm
Summary: Hawk, Logan, and Storm are assigned to infiltrate Shaw inc, the leader of the Hellfire club. Problem is, Storm and Hawk have a history with Shaw inc. None of it good. Hawk doesn't want anyone to know, but Storm trusts Logan to keep quiet and tells him. Will he keep quiet? Or will he ruin his partners reputation and reveal a painful past about them?
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Dark Nemesis by Beautiful Storm
A/N: This story is somewhat inspired by Digital Tempest's 1920151813: Codename Storm story, which is why you may see some things parallel to it. P.S. Digital Tempest... FINISH THE STORY!

Ok, I'm done now.Storm and Hawk walked into the office. Storm was still on crutches from their first case with Detective Logan- aka, Detective Wolverine. Logan greeted them, and sat down at the desk- helping Storm with her crutches on her side of it- where they worked. Hawk sat at a desk a little farther from them by herself. As they went through their case files, Lieutenant Charles Xavier called them into his office. Hawk took out her earbuds- pausing Pray for you by Jaron and the Long Road to Love- and followed.

"I want you three to go undercover," Charles said. "There's been some suspicious activity with Shaw incorporation's, and I need you to infiltrate it."

Although Storm kept her face impassive, he noticed a twitch in her shoulder muscles at the name. Hawk, on the other hand, wasn't so subtle. She visibly tensed, and he could tell that her breathing had become slightly rapid. "When do we start?" Logan asked, distracting Xavier from the females as Storm placed a calming hand on Hawk's.

"As soon as possible," he replied. "Storm, I would like to see you for a few minutes"

"Of course," Storm said. Hawk and Logan got up and left.


"What is your connection with Sebastian Shaw?" Xavier asked after the door was closed fully. Storm needn't fear about Hawk eavesdropping, this was a subject that was very delicate to the both of them. But she was also surprised by the question. "Nothing."

"Now, Storm," Xavier asked disappointedly, "do you honestly think you can lie to a telepath?"

Well, there's something I didn't know, Storm thought. Great. "No," she admitted. "Hawk and I used to...work...for Sebastian. Unfortunately, Hawk has a dark past that began before Shaw came in. I found her when she was ten as a slave being sold. Problem was, no one could get near her once she was sold without suffering from her powers. Eventually, I was able to get out of the business and take her with me. We never bring up Shaw, though. It's too painful for the both of us."

Xavier nodded thoughtfully. "Thank you, Ororo, you may go."

Storm nodded and left. She leaned against the door and breathed for a moment. How am I going to tell Hawk?


"What?" Hawk shrieked. She and Storm were in the living room of their apartment; Storm had just mentioned that they were accepting the assignment. This did not sit well with her. "You're telling me, that I'm supposed to waltz right back into that dirty rotten son of a gun dirt-bag of a jerk's arms and not be bothered by it?"

"Hawk," Storm said gently. "I know how you feel. I'm not inclined to do this either. However, you'll be with me and Logan throughout the whole entire time."

"Storm, you know what he did to me!"

"I know, Hawk, I know. Please? Just do it for this one assignment, and I promise I'll make sure that we don't get another assignment like this again."

Hawk was trembling with rage... and fear. She looked up at Storm. "I'm only doing this for you," Hawk said, her voice hard; before turning and racing to her room.

Storm sighed and plopped down onto the armchair. Luckily, she was also a weather manipulator and had made sure to she had control over the weather before telling Hawk. The weather would have been real ugly otherwise.
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