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Anonymous03-18-15 - 08:54 pm12: Chapter 12Anonymous
Please update and continue this story. This last chapter was amazing explosive. I love RoLo! Stefan is an ass and I hope he gets whats coming to him. He seemed like such a nice guy in the beginning, but he was hiding a huge secret clearly. I hope Ororo gets back to the mansion and can get more of her memory back and her and Logan can figure their feelings for each other out, but also still have amazing sex ;)

Anonymous03-02-15 - 07:59 pm12: Chapter 12Anonymous
I have fallen in love with this story. Please update soon.

irish_sunset06-28-14 - 06:51 pm12: Chapter 12Signed
Hot Hot Hot!

Antiwa06-27-14 - 01:53 pm12: Chapter 12Anonymous
I did not see that coming. I hope she doesn't leave in the morning. I hope she sees that Logan is her future and I hope she's not planning to run to the arms of Stefan after what she just experienced with Logan. I can't see what will happen next. Please update when you have the time. Loved the chapter it was worth the wait.

Vas213906-27-14 - 08:13 am12: Chapter 12Signed
OMG had to fan myself , this chap was Hot!! I knew Stefan was no good, please Ro don't leave !! Wolvie loves you!!! Can't wait for more!

charly4306-26-14 - 01:16 pm12: Chapter 12Anonymous
Wow!!!!! This chapter was so good and thank you for coming back to your awe inspiring story. I hope Ro doesn't leave unless it's with Logan to go back to the mansion. I can't wait to read your next update.

MaryBrazil06-18-14 - 06:33 am11: Chapter 11Anonymous
Love this fic. Please, update as soon as possible.

Author's Response: Just posted the end of 'Rage' this is next. A A

QTFic10-18-13 - 03:11 am11: Chapter 11Signed
After this incident I hope Logan will be more forthcoming with answers to Ro's questions. I have a feeling we haven't seen the last of Steffan either.

Author's Response: Wiggling my eyebrows, lopsided smirking, rubbing my hands with evil laughter. Lol Hope I don't disappoint ya. A A

Vas213910-13-13 - 07:04 pm11: Chapter 11Signed
Oh no, I think Victor Creed is back. Hope Wolvie kicks his a$$ for hurting Ro. Thank you for updating.

Author's Response: You're a hoot, Vas2139. (smile) thank you for reading and I'll take your insight into a lot of thought. A A

dispatcher65211-07-12 - 12:55 am10: Chapter 10Signed
Was that Stefan watching her? Things that make you go hmmmm. Lol!
Just when they were about to get somewhere, Logan has to ruin the moment. That man could try the patience of a saint. I don't think Logan could do anything the easy way even if the easy way came with instructions. I'm still rooting for my favorite couple but I think Ororo needs some time with our local constable. Something less complicated and little more romantic. Every girl needs some romance. :)

Author's Response: Ahh Dispatcher652, you seem to be a girl after my own heart. A little competition always seems to make a fire burn brighter I always thought. : ) Didn't mean to be so late in reply to your review, just been really busy. As always thank you for leaving one and reading. A A

RedVixen711-06-12 - 02:02 pm10: Chapter 10Signed
Sabes? Methinks not! We all know by now who I think it is. Stormy has such a way with ferals! She's like a magnet.

Logan is being a stubburn @$$ as usual, but you got to love him!!! 😊😉

Can't wait for the next chappy!!

Author's Response: RedVixen7, I have began to really look forward to your reviews and you never fail me. Thank you. I apologize for the lateness in reply, but life has been hectic. Hope to get more up soon. A A

Beautiful Storm10-28-12 - 08:57 pm10: Chapter 10Signed
Sabretooth... aw poor 'Ro.

Author's Response: Dum, dum, dum...that's supposed to be the sound of dramatic music. lol

angel24buffy10-28-12 - 12:03 am10: Chapter 10Signed
I just want to go to Logan and knock some sense into him. What's his problem??? Just because you are starting to fall for the woman doesn't mean you have to treat her like that!! Geesh. Another thing why would you leave her in the woods knowing she's still regaining her memory and how is watching them?? Hmmmmm. Great chapter. Please update soon.

Author's Response: I thoroughly enjoyed reading your review. It tells me just how passionate you are about this piece and it is inspiring. Sorry for the delay in response, it couldn't be helped. A A

QTFic10-25-12 - 11:20 pm10: Chapter 10Signed
Arrgh Logan stop being such an arse and tell her what's going on in that thick head of yours!! I'm dying to know who is watching her. I can't believe Logan would just leave her alone in the woods like that!

Author's Response: QTFic, I know you have been reading that I have made Logan out to be pretty much a teasing louse in this one, albeit one with a heart that is torn with full emotion. Thank you for expressing some of what it is he is doing in your own frustration with this. : ) As always thank you. A A

Antiwa09-17-12 - 04:43 am9: Chapter 9Signed
This is a great chapter. I see why Ro is so frustrated in regaining her memory. She feels so lost. I'm wondering when the sheriff is actually going to make an appearance in regards to having a face-to-face talk. Anyway great chapter please update soon.

Author's Response: Hey Antiwa, Sorry to be so late responding. Thank you for reading once again. I'm trying to get the next chapter up hopefully by this weekend. I know I am kind of missing the hot sheriff myself, could be interesting, wink, wink. I appreciate that you get Ro's feelings, tells me I didn't do as bad a job as I thought I did trying to convey them. Thanks for leaving a review. A A

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