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Wolf Royalty
06/04/22 12:24 am
I miss yall, wish this place was more active <3
09/15/21 12:52 am
Hi y’all. Hope everyone is safe and healthy.

Help Page

Please choose from a link below or scroll through the page to find what you require.

  1. Registration.
  2. Registration problems.
  3. Posting a story./Account page
  4. FAQ.
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Registration. To post your story you must first register at the site. This involves choosing a penname and giving your email address. Please note that email addresses are used for admin purposes only, they can not be seen by users of the site and are not given to anyone else. To register, click the log in link on the main title bar and then the register link on the new page that opens. Once you have entered your details, a password will be mailed to the address you supplied. (Please note this is automated and does not come from me)

Registration problems. The password will be mailed to you straight away. You should receive your password within an hour of registering, although this may vary depending on your server and how busy it is. If you have a problem registering or have not received your password within 24 hours, please check the following. Make sure you have cookies set to low. AOL users, to make sure you receive your password, please go into your mail controls and manually set them to allow mail from

Posting a story./Account page Once you have logged in using your password and penname, you will be taken to your account page. From here, you can do the following:-

Add New Story: Choose your category and then fill in the fields displayed. You can upload your story from a file or write directly to the box provided. I would recommend that you use notepad or some other text editor to write and save your story and then cutting and pasteing to the story box. You may use the following html codes with your story - < b > < i > < u > < center > < img > < a > < hr >. For example text here will produce bold text. Once your story is pasted or uploaded, press the preview button to check it before finally pressing the submit story button. The story will then be checked for suitability for the site by one of our validaters and posted, usually within 24 hours (Often much quicker). If we do not accept your story, you will be mailed with a reason for this. We will not enter into any further correspondence if a story is refused.

Add New Chapter : Simply choose the story you wish to add a chapter to and press the add chapter link. This takes you to a page similar to the Add story page. Fill in the required fields as before.

Edit/Delete Stories : Choose the story/chapter you wish to edit or delete and make your changes in the text box.

Edit Personal Information: Use this link to change your personal information, including your biography. You may also change your password, and enable the review contact feature which will email you when you get a review. Also available here is the ability to change how the site looks, by choosing which skin you would like to use.

View Reviews : This link will show all the reviews for a story and enable you to write a response to any review if you wish.

Manage Favorites
: If you view a story/author when you are logged in, you will see a link in the header which allows you to add the story or author to the "Favourites" section in your author biography, shown when a user presses the author link frm the main links and chooses you. This link allows you to manage that section.

Logout : Logs you out of your account.


Q: I get an error page when I try to post my fic. What am I doing wrong?

A: If you try to post a fic and you get an error page stating you don't have permission to access the page, its because your fic has the word 'c-u-r-l' in it. This is a security glitch that some use to Hack into a server *for more info google it*...Because of this possible security risk our host doesn't allow the word 'c-u-r-l', so if you are using it change it to 'curled', 'curling', or 'curls' please. This will fix the problem.

Q: I just registered, now what?

A: You should receive a password in the email you provided. Log on and change your password using that "Edit Personal Information" page. You must submit a fiction immediately or your account may be deleted.

Q: I never received an email with my password!

A: Make sure the email did not go into your "Spam" folder. Make a special filter in your email account to make sure of this! If the email isn't there, contact a moderator to reset your password. Include your correct email account to make sure it wasn't entered incorrectly.