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storm fan03-15-14 - 05:43 am16: Chapter 16Anonymous
this story is awesome! i read the whole thing in one sitting. you really know how to weave a story. I'm glad logan came back to Ro, but i wanted more! didn't want the story to end
great job

stormlover10-17-13 - 02:33 am16: Chapter 16Signed
Wow...Great Story. So many twists and turns. My mind is still racing with all the ups and downs. Thanks for sharing!

stormlover10-17-13 - 02:19 am11: Chapter 11Signed
Well, the stuff just got real!! Dang, talk about a game changer!!!

stormlover10-17-13 - 02:16 am10: Chapter 10Signed

QTFic03-04-13 - 07:59 pm16: Chapter 16Signed
*sigh* What an awesome story. You have an incredible skill. I hope that I get to read more from you soon!!

Author's Response: why thank you! that means a lot, to be honest. Glad you enjoyed it.

QTFic03-04-13 - 07:49 pm15: Chapter 15Signed
Hmm, I think I would hold on to the info..just in case. Now let's hope Ororo will have him after two months of no communication!

Author's Response: haha! I can't argue with you on that one: Leverage is always good to have

QTFic03-04-13 - 07:37 pm13: Chapter 13Signed
I've been sick so I got behind in reading but I'm rooting for Logan to find a way to break Viper for good!

Author's Response: sorry to hear you were sick!

RedVixen702-26-13 - 02:03 pm16: Chapter 16Signed
Pfft! Who cares about Jean and Marie?! If they can turn their backs on you so quickly they aren't real friends anyway. If it was me, I'd be disappointed but I wouldn't get so overreacting angry over something that didn't involve me!

But anyway, I want Lo in my baby's life. Forgive him Ro!!! I'm glad she isn't going to test Logan's love for the baby. That's what pisses me off with some women! You got a man who is willing to step up for their baby but you have to 'make sure' by putting them through hell! That's vindictive bullsh^t!!!

I hope they live happily ever after!!

RedVixen702-26-13 - 01:54 pm15: Chapter 15Signed
Awwww, all Viper wanted was for Logan to care about her! 😢... Pffft! 😂Hahahahaha!!!! I really don't care! You can't force somebody to love you and you never, NEVER threaten Ro's life. Or the life of my baby! That's right MY BABY, blasted!! Lol!

Thanks for this trip!

carox02-26-13 - 04:17 am16: Chapter 16Signed
Awwww, i lov ur story! Logan is good. Ororo is so strong.. I want ur new storyyy

angel24buffy02-25-13 - 02:00 am14: Chapter 14Signed
Great update. What is Logan going to do?? He has to leave Viper to be with Ororo and his unborn child. I mean just leave her!!! I'm getting frustrated with Logan.

Author's Response: last chapters reveal everything! Thanks for the continued support!

carox02-24-13 - 02:20 am12: Chapter 12Signed
I love dramas! lol, I love your story! I really want to kill Viper in this fic! urg! hahaha. I'm dying to know more about Ororo and Logan baby! Please! =) x

Author's Response: SWEET! I like that you enjoy this fic so much. And yeah, viper sucks-- but she's dangerous. And as for the baby: maybe more will be revealed. Thanks for the review! Much appreciated!

angel24buffy02-23-13 - 10:50 pm12: Chapter 12Signed
Why is Viper in the way of Logan and Ororo true love. Come on. Logan told Viper that Ro is pregnant. You don't love Logan so get a divorce. You don't want to be with him no more than Ligan wants to be with Viper. Please update soon. I love the fact Ro gave Logan a pic of their future child. :-)

Author's Response: Well, Viper is his wife and we all know that when affairs happen, the guy normally doesn't leave the wife and the wife doesn't always leave the husband. Look at Jean and Scott-- they got back together. And lots of couples don't love each other and yet they stay married-- Why?- I don't know, but that's how things are. REGARDLESS!- thanks for the message/review. Much appreciated! (and yeah, I liked writing the baby picture scene; one of my teachers got pregnant and carried her sonogram picture with her everywhere.)

carox02-23-13 - 12:12 am1: Chapter 1Signed
I hate Viper, I can kill her. I love your story, it is so delicious, I need more

Author's Response: hahaha! yeah, she's a piece of work. definitely not one to be messed with. "Delicious"?- oh I LOVE the adjective. (wink wink) thanks for the continued support. much appreciated!

QTFic02-22-13 - 06:44 pm10: Chapter 10Signed
Oooh that Viper is a piece of work! Ororo needs to watch her back!

Author's Response: wicked! I tried to show she wasn't stupid. (but i guess all disgruntled wives know about their husbands' affairs.)

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