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Reviews For Something Primal
Lizb6501-29-19 - 04:56 am5: Chapter 5Anonymous
I will pay you to finish this fic

Anonymous01-07-18 - 03:11 pm5: Chapter 5Anonymous
When are you going to finish it. I can't wait to read the ending.

AngelAloft12-04-16 - 12:29 am5: Chapter 5Anonymous
Why am I laughing at Logan's brashness and Ororo's naivety, but at the same time relishing the great portrayal of a blossoming well written relationship. As always a great job.

AngelAloft12-04-16 - 12:20 am4: Chapter 4Anonymous
Hahahahahahaha, once again Logan hands Scott his behind. Smiling ear to ear

AngelAloft12-04-16 - 12:15 am3: Chapter 3Anonymous
Had to read this again. Loving this story more than the first time, please update. Angelaloft

Anonymous06-30-16 - 03:53 am5: Chapter 5Anonymous
Finishing this one any time soon?

Anonymous03-25-15 - 06:44 am5: Chapter 5Anonymous
Awwwwwww. I love this story. Ororo is too cute and Logan is really sweet to her. Yay to Jean's manipulation ending. Now Ligan should be worried, cause the other boys are gna definitely take notice in his girl. Her sex questions are so charming and naive, but very sincere. Please update this story. I am now obsessed. Please please please continue.

Anonymous12-20-14 - 03:42 am5: Chapter 5Anonymous
Please, please, please continue this story soon... we wanna know whats gonna happen next!!

scytheyou09-10-14 - 11:43 am5: Chapter 5Anonymous
thanks for the new chapter :)

Anonymous09-05-14 - 06:17 am5: Chapter 5Anonymous
My heart dropped when he said he would never have sex with ro, but boy did it leap when Logan said he wants to make love to her. So sweet, please continue soon!!!

Sadie Hawkins08-02-14 - 01:17 am4: Chapter 4Anonymous
More please! The sooner the better.

JamesGirl051208-01-14 - 07:10 am3: Chapter 3Signed
New story!!! Wooo-hoooo!!! I'm trying to pace myself, but that is proving difficult. :)

AngelAloft04-18-14 - 10:03 pm2: Chapter 2Signed
Pari your young rolo fics are so fantastic I don't think anyone would care if you wrote nothing but, . . .well I guess that's a stretch, we would miss your other work too much, but darn your teen rolo rocks.

stormlover02-15-14 - 02:55 pm3: Chapter 3Signed
Oh my goodness, this is so good. Please update soon!

stormlover02-15-14 - 02:22 pm2: Chapter 2Signed
Ohhh, Logan is such a bad influence!

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