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Reviews For X-Men- Beginnings
XenaAres2309-14-15 - 11:47 pm10: Chapter 10: Never Gonna Be AloneSigned
Even though it was based on the 1st movie (which had MAJOR plot holes & dumb storyline) I really liked this fic. Loved the twist that Logan fell for Ororo instead of Jean (I love RoLo & Jott). It was detailed & well written. Great job!

XenaAres2309-14-15 - 06:03 pm1: Chapter 1: WolverineSigned
I love this 1st chapter! It was funny, cute & detailed. Plus it has Jubilee! Great job.

Hendelnor09-14-15 - 05:56 am1: Chapter 1: WolverineAnonymous
I enjoyed this immensely.

NaSyn08-04-15 - 10:56 pm10: Chapter 10: Never Gonna Be AloneSigned
I loved the ending with Ororo choosing to leave with him. I can't wait for the sequel.

Anonymous04-24-15 - 04:39 pm1: Chapter 1: WolverineAnonymous
Finish please !! Every story please and especially best of intentions please

scytheyou04-03-15 - 10:16 am9: Chapter 9: SacrificeAnonymous
yay, new chapter after so long time
great story so far
thx for updating

Antiwa03-25-15 - 03:23 pm1: Chapter 1: WolverineAnonymous
I love this story and the rest of them as well. I was glad to see an update. Please update soon. Just wondering are you planning on killing Jean off and bring her back like in the movies or will you do something a little different?

Anonymous02-16-15 - 03:45 am8: Chapter 8: Liberty IslandAnonymous
Where is the ending.

Cee07-20-14 - 10:20 am1: Chapter 1: WolverineAnonymous
It was fun to come back and re-read this story after being away from it so long. One of the things I love about it is the slow build, filled with so much angst and conflict, with this undercurrent of passion running through it. I think I mentioned before that I loved Forge the way you write him, no? Yes, indeed, I do :)

Marbles06-11-14 - 07:40 am8: Chapter 8: Liberty IslandSigned
This story is a curious case of ostensibly knowing what's going to come next, but not really. So you're left with a weird feeling of, "I know what's coming next!... wait no I don't!" and now you can't wait to see how things have changed, and which things stay the same. (that some things stay the same kind of proves to me that Logan/Jean wasn't a required part of his character and it kind of chafes me that they made it such a huge thing in the movies hahahaaa)

I also like how this can be taken as pseudo-canon (until further notice), considering how DOFP ended haha.

Author's Response: That's the challenge of writing it as well, believe it or not. I have scenes I need to fill in the film blanks, but then movie scenes that are 100% necessary to rewrite, such as the Liberty Island scenes. There won't be much more to this one, since I'm basically writing a film. No, Jean/Logan was DEFINITELY not necessary out of the gate. But then, we're biased! Hehe, that was my thought too. DOFP made nothing AU!

nsha06-08-14 - 07:40 am1: Chapter 1: WolverineSigned
So glad you're back!!! I am so excited to see where this fic goes! Love it so far! I've read all the other recent updates too, and really really enjoy them. You have such a wonderful talent.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I can't believe people remember me. Its great to be back. I'll have more soon!

Anonymous06-03-14 - 06:34 am7: Chapter 7: MisconceptionsAnonymous
This is the third time Ive tried to review. You have no idea how happy I am to see you updated this story. l love all your stories and countless other rolo fics but this one has always been my favorite. Usually I dont review but thus time I had to. Thank you and keep on keeeping on

Author's Response: Aww, thank you for the review. I love my rewrite and DOFP rendered everything pretty much canon until further notice. I've got a chapter almost finished, look for it Tuesday or Wednesday

Marbles06-02-14 - 11:37 am1: Chapter 1: WolverineSigned
This was (is) one of my favorite stories! I'm glad you're reposting (and updating?) this, and I'm really excited for what you have in store :)

The first scene in this chapter, with Ororo and her awakening powers, is beautiful but kind of makes me sad. In a perfect world we would have an Ororo: Origins movie and what you'd written sounds like it would be translate ridiculously well to the silver screen. Can you imagine the visuals it would give us, especially with CGI as it is now? Hollywood needs to wake up already, gosh :(

Author's Response: Marbles: Chapter 7 was an update. I hope to finish this and start on X2 and 3 soon! I will also be reposting The Brat Pack and Shatter so those can be completed! I won't move my completed fics, not yet! Thanks for the review!

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