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Reviews For Empire
jack11-30-16 - 03:04 pm1: PrologueAnonymous
Genuinely I just read through it again yesteryear and yet We numerous head to fix it and today I wanted to study it again ever again considering that it is somewhat well written.
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Larisa01-18-16 - 01:49 am5: CloserAnonymous
Thank you for a great and sweet story!

JamesGirl051212-05-15 - 08:58 am5: CloserSigned
Yes! This story pulled me in from the beginning. I thought DOFP (especially that deleted scene) gave us fuel for that RoLo fire, and you are doing wonders with it. Thank you so much for sharing with us! Can't wait for the next chapter!

Swahili Lily10-09-15 - 08:22 pm5: CloserAnonymous
Wow!!!! Please please update Gainee!!!!!!!

Carmen09-02-15 - 08:10 am5: CloserAnonymous
Such a great chapter. I'm so torn with wanting ROLO to make new memories and Logan some how managing to remember some things about his old life. His girls are cute though. I wonder why they never tried to a boy?

Carmen09-02-15 - 07:14 am4: Chapter 4: MorningAnonymous
I'm soooooo glad you're still updating this. Its such a great concept. So glad there are still new ROLO fics out there. They still are one of my favorite all time pairings.

BaDGirL08-16-15 - 10:47 pm5: CloserAnonymous
Omg this chapter was perfect. I love your fics.

Anonymous08-06-15 - 03:28 am1: PrologueAnonymous
Please finish!!

scytheyou04-02-15 - 10:30 pm4: Chapter 4: MorningAnonymous
yuhu, finally new chapter :) love this great story, pls update soon.

RedVixen702-08-15 - 01:04 pm4: Chapter 4: MorningSigned
I have been thinking about this story so often! I'm so happy you decided to post. I loved Logan's interactions with 'his' daughters. So precious! And the fact that his housecoat is yellow...I seriously lol at that. I guess it shouldn't being that he wore yellow spandex. I also loved how quick Scott said Logan out over Jean. And Ro helping a 'friend' in Wakanda. Did Logan ever meet him?

Can't wait to read what happens next!

Marbles 02-07-15 - 08:34 pm4: Chapter 4: MorningAnonymous
I really like that moment with Logan and Anna. It's short (in the context of this chapter) but it absolutely captures so much of Logan's worries, the kids' worries and Ororo's worries, all in one scene. What a great and well written scene! This chapter answers a few questions but asks more... and I'm excited to learn more.

Super glad you're updating this. :)

AndreaGail02-06-15 - 05:51 pm1: PrologueAnonymous
Hey Gainee.. thanks for updating..been waiting for this update for a long made my absolutely rock..can't wait for the next chapter. .!! (still can't stop replaying that Kiss!!!)

Taix10-09-14 - 11:42 pm3: Chapter 2: RapportAnonymous
Wow, really great story. Hope for a chapter or two for even happier ending.

Anonymous09-08-14 - 01:34 am2: Chapter 1: MemoryAnonymous
Could you finish your other story '' best of intentions'' and Also this one..... you are my favorite author on this site and you interpret my favorite two xmen so well so thank you for writing these stories for our benefit , I really appreciate it!!

Anonymous08-18-14 - 07:57 am3: Chapter 2: RapportAnonymous
Finish this please! It has a great plot and can't wait to read the ...also I prefer Logan tall and ororo with long hair and blue eyes but still good story

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