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Reviews For About Last Night
Sheyahne 07-11-16 - 09:15 pm12: Chapter 12Anonymous
I'm glad Logan and Ororo are working things out. I was sad that they lost their child and how it brought them both down a dark whole. They are each other's light and can get through anything together.

I can't wait to see what happens next.

dispatcher65207-07-16 - 06:03 pm12: Chapter 12Signed
Woo hoo! You're back and you got Logan kicking ass and taking named. I hope being at Jasmine Falls brings them some peace and maybe say a proper good bye together to their son.

tasheika 08-13-15 - 01:29 pm11: Chapter 11Anonymous
Really like the story read it on but wondering why it says 11 chapters here but 8 chapters on the other site.

Carmen07-06-14 - 12:06 am10: Chapter 10Anonymous
So this has another chapter added compared to the post on so does this mean its the last chapter or is this one unfinished as well?

angelaloft02-05-14 - 02:40 am10: Chapter 10Anonymous
Ok, so its taken me awhile to review this last chapter because it has left me so conflicted. First I'll say again that I have loved this story . . . but this has me sad and angry. Honestly I almost didn't review because I don't want to come across harsh or mean because I do love your work so much, but this one threw me for a loop. I hated Ororo's weakness and Logans cruelty. It seemed disjointed with the rest of the fic. And I thought Ororo was too quick to forgive Logans borderline sadistic treatment of her. As much as I would love to just be flowery with my review I have to be honest and be big enough to accept that this is just my opinion and no by means detracts from your talent. No matter what I am still a fan my not getting my way with one chapter won't change that.

QTFic12-07-13 - 10:19 pm10: Chapter 10Signed
This was heart-wrenching! I'm glad Logan saw the error of his ways.

Vas213912-03-13 - 01:39 am1: About Last NightSigned
I did the happy dance when I saw you updated. Why you kill the baby? I felt her and Wolvie. That Slutbucket Jean would have gotten a Nicole bolt up her ass for sailing that. Something tells me this story not over.

AngelAloft06-23-12 - 03:38 am9: Chapter 9Signed
Nobody writes RoLo like you Pari. I love your take on Logan in all of your fics. He's always good to pull out all of your emotions, and this just has me ROFL. Looking forward to more. A A

Denise06-22-12 - 11:18 pm9: Chapter 9Anonymous
Love it! So glad you're back! Please update soon! Can you update tabular rasa soon! It's my favorite fabric! I've missed u!

QTFic06-16-12 - 02:29 pm9: Chapter 9Signed
Ha! I'm so happy that Logan set Jean straight! I'm also happy he set Ororo straight about his feelings for her.

Logan's way of "handling" their announcement was pure Logan.

dudtheman06-14-12 - 10:20 pm9: Chapter 9Anonymous
awsome story =) love the end thats 100% logan lol

dispatcher 65206-14-12 - 04:21 pm1: About Last NightAnonymous
Logan took care of it all right. Omg that was funny and so Logan. I love the way you write him and his love for Ororo. I sighed a big girlie sigh when I read his explantion of his old love for jean vs the selfless love Ororo chose to give him. This was a great update. :)

CoCoa06-14-12 - 08:53 am1: About Last NightSigned
first person is so hard to write for me but you did a beautiful job.

RedVixen706-14-12 - 05:09 am9: Chapter 9Signed
Wow, Logan. Just wow! At least Jean came around a bit. I think Logan is right and she wants to be in Ro's shoes. Can't wait to see how things go during Ro's pregnancy!

Update soon!!

JLB06-13-12 - 09:50 pm8: Chapter 8Anonymous
SO GLAD YOU UPDATED!!! enjoyed going through the reading again and now we get to see the story unfold, can't wait for more. thanks

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