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Reviews For Slow Burn
Anonymous03-28-15 - 06:10 am18: EighteenAnonymous
Wow, I love this story. But really paralyzed storm?!? She doesn't have enough worry and stress? Why is she constantly knocked down?!? Please update soon, I'm hoping for a full recovery.

Anonymous03-08-15 - 05:03 am18: EighteenAnonymous
When can we get the ending?

Carmen07-21-14 - 08:05 am18: EighteenAnonymous
What happens next OMG how can the amazing story be left abandoned like this its a tragedy like it should be illegal. Dang on Raven she's dumb, did she really like really think there was an antidote. Like she was so blinded by being a human that she just screwed herself. And just wait and see what happens if Logan ever gets his hands on her for the explosions he'll kill her and if he finds out she's the one that shot Storm all hell is going to happened. Jimmy being taken killed me like I shed a tear. I'm glad that Kitty is seemingly attracted to Peter and not Bobby I think its better that Marie and Bobby deal with their issues instead of it being like Kitty is the reason they're having problems glad Logan called Marie out on her stuff. This is such a great story I hope you finish it one day. Fingers crossed.

MaryBrazil07-08-14 - 07:07 am18: EighteenSigned
OMG!!! Please continue this story!!!!

Harley11-25-11 - 10:34 pm18: EighteenAnonymous
Oh! You have got to continue this!!!!

Floeva06-25-11 - 05:15 am1: OneAnonymous
Well, it's been a while since I last posted, and I can't tell you enough how much I enjoyed your ROLO story, Slow Burn and how much I'm dying for you to continue the story and end it, hopefully on a good note for Storm and Logan. In my opion, it is your best ROLO story and arguably my favorite ROLO story, despite it not being complete and ending in a cliffhanger. I hope my post reaches you and that every other post on this board regarding this story reaches you and inspires you to finish this story.

Marbles02-04-11 - 02:33 pm18: EighteenAnonymous
Oh, geez. Normally I feel so very lost and upset when I read a story several chapters long, only to discover that it ends on a painful cliffhanger like this.

... Well okay, I guess I'm a little upset. Maybe. (b-but Ororo, her legs, that scene with Jean....!)

STILL this was a spectacular read thusfar, and I'm really glad I got to read it. Any fic that takes the time to develop a RoLo romance with as much care and effort that this one did is worth reading, even unfinished! :)

Lady E03-11-10 - 05:20 pm18: EighteenAnonymous
Loved it, please tell me it doesn't end here

Larisa08-04-09 - 02:49 pm18: EighteenAnonymous
I swear it's the best RoLo story I ever read!
Thank you!!!!
I'n still nursing hopes you'll continue it one day...

floeva06-27-09 - 02:26 am18: EighteenAnonymous
Please... please...please finish up this story. I just reread it again after a long time and I'm really anxious to see what happens to Ororo, Logan and the gang. Hopefully, you'll answer my request and all of your fans' request and finally finish off this story. I think it's really the best of the ROLO movie version pics that I have read. It would be a shame it this story remains incomplete. I hope all is well with you. Again, I speak for myself and on the behalf of the other fans of this story that we are anxiously waiting for you to finish this great story. Thanks!

black_rose04-05-09 - 11:33 pm18: EighteenSigned
*calls out, looking for windrider1* WINDRIDER1?!!?! Where are you!?!!?! We want an update!!!!

floeva12-25-08 - 10:50 pm18: EighteenAnonymous
I second Michaela's comment to finish up this story, Windrider1. You left it off in such a cliffhanger, that I am anxious to know what will happen. I really enjoyed this ROLO story and hope to be able to read a new chapter soon. It's the number 1 reason I come to the ROLO Realm website. You finishing this story, hopefully on a good note with, would be a great Xmas present for all fans of this story. Again, I highly recommend this story.

Michaela12-15-08 - 06:13 am18: EighteenAnonymous
Hi. Im not sure how long its been since this you left off here (They should really put dates on these things) But I want you TO. FINISH. THIS....NOW. This is the best movie-verse RoLo fic I have read so far, it would be a shame to have this unfinished. Do the RoLo fans a favor and compelte this!

Voli09-20-08 - 01:39 am18: EighteenAnonymous

Allangale09-09-08 - 02:47 am18: EighteenAnonymous
Oh my goodness I think this is an awesome story. I found myself at the end of my seat going "Please don't let this be the last completed chapter!" I urge you to continue this story - your characters are believable and you find yourself so immersed that you wish this was the next movie in line. Keep up the good work and I look forward to reading your next chapter.

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