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Reviews For Solace
punkin11-24-14 - 10:16 am16: Chapter 16Signed
I am really excited that this great story was updated. One of my favorite stories written by you. Thanks again for the great update.

Carmen07-05-14 - 05:56 pm15: New DiscoveriesAnonymous
Awww why's it not finished. I started reading this on fanfiction then came here hoping it would be finished and its not. Its so good please finish it pretty please

MaryBrazil06-25-14 - 08:21 am1: SolaceSigned
Please update!!!!

dispatcher 65212-18-10 - 07:17 pm15: New DiscoveriesAnonymous
Please update soon. Logan and family are just too cute. I hope they have another baby. A boy. Not to replace James but just to have another addition.

Carine12-12-10 - 01:34 am15: New DiscoveriesAnonymous
Please Pari, Update the story, i want to know so bad what's happen to Keira and those evils who want to experiment her...
Your story is Amazing btw ;)

irish_sunset11-21-10 - 02:28 am15: New DiscoveriesAnonymous
I'm super psyched you are back writing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay love all of your stuff. Please Please keep it coming. I love how cute Kiera is!

PAMELA DILLON10-12-10 - 06:58 pm15: New DiscoveriesAnonymous
Glad to see you updating again please finish the story, Enjoying it

AngelAloft10-11-10 - 05:29 am15: New DiscoveriesAnonymous
I've been kinda timid about reviewing since I am rather new to the sight but have discovered your story and I am very happy. You have a fantastic imagery of Ororo and Logan and I have become a fan. Thank you for your awesome work. Please share more soon.

Author's Response: Don't be shy, trust me all authors really want to hear what others think of the fics, so please feel free to review. I'm glad you have become a fan of my fics *Blushing right now* I have so many I need to finish and today I plan to work on a couple more.

victoria10-11-10 - 04:07 am15: New DiscoveriesAnonymous
Oh my freaking gosh you updated i just am overjoyed i could screan so little kiera has her daddy healing factor i am so loving this!!! whoo thank you soooooo much for updating thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: Hey Victoria, thanks for reading and reviewing. It has been a long while I know but I promised that I would work on some of my RoLo fics and I plan to post on a couple more fics today as well.

rolletti05-31-07 - 10:58 pm14: But Why?Anonymous
Yummy story, Pari and I am waiting in anticpation for the NEXT CHAPTER CUZ I'M PULLING MY HAIR OUT!!! WHAT HAPPENED NEXT HUH, HUH, HUH?


Blackpanther05-30-07 - 05:02 pm14: But Why?Anonymous
Just update more often okay?

irish_sunset05-30-07 - 01:43 am14: But Why?Anonymous
I'm soo f-ing glad that this update came. It's ridiculous how much I love this story. How the heck did he get a lock of white hair? Please don't make me wait an eternity for a continuation.

OriginalCeenote05-29-07 - 09:06 pm14: But Why?Signed
Logan's explanation of James in heaven made me want to tear up. That's so poignant, and something any parent can recognize when they have to explain the loss of a relative, particularly a sibling, to their child. Keira's so lovable, and I love Logan's relationship with her. More, please.

irish_sunset01-04-07 - 08:49 am13: Learning ExperiencesSigned
Love love, this story. I would like a description o Keira can't remember if you gave one yet. By the way...chapter definitely connected...I wasn't confused. Oh Lawd and Weapon X....Hope you can keep the updates coming.

Blackpanther01-02-07 - 09:30 am13: Learning ExperiencesSigned
Uh...okay...this chapter connects to the exactly? Something's got me confused. h well i suppose i'llw ait & see. Very cute chapter btw! Loved it!

Author's Response: Same characters, same place, different time...yep all connects to the 'bigger picture'. Not sure why its confusing, but as with all stories there's a resolution *Eventually* :) Glad you liked it.

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