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01/01/20 05:20 pm
Happy New Year, RoLo Family!! Hears to being more active on the site in 2020!!

Reviews For Only in Dreams
Anonymous03-24-15 - 08:58 am8: The Have NotsAnonymous
This story is amazing. Storm's powers have evolved and her and logan seem to be in perfect synct. Please update

QTFic12-11-10 - 10:04 pm8: The Have NotsSigned
Wonderful story. I truly hope you continue it one day.

Mimi11-13-09 - 07:37 pm8: The Have NotsAnonymous
Update? Soon? Please??? Love love love this story!

ROLO__LOVER197911-07-09 - 09:13 pm8: The Have NotsSigned
Oh my god it bring new meaning to HOT like Fire

ROLO__LOVER197911-07-09 - 08:59 pm7: Chp 7Signed
Okay that bathroom scene was so good I have got to remeber that

ROLO__LOVER197911-07-09 - 08:26 pm6: Chp 6Signed

ROLO__LOVER197911-07-09 - 08:13 pm5: Chp 5Signed
I love Logan going all deep on Ro that was good and Sexy

ROLO__LOVER197911-07-09 - 08:04 pm4: Chp 4Signed
Dang Ro fight for your man

ROLO__LOVER197911-07-09 - 07:55 pm3: Reliving Your DreamsSigned
I wonder if they are going to give into those feelings

ROLO__LOVER197911-07-09 - 07:38 pm2: Chp 2Signed
I love the New Yorker

ROLO__LOVER197911-07-09 - 07:25 pm1: Only in DreamsSigned
love it

Melyne10-26-09 - 08:59 am8: The Have NotsAnonymous
omg best story sooo far!!!
the ripped in the timeline i bet you got the idea from the animated series 1992-1994(duuuh) soooo happy!!!
I love your writing its so delectable! the way you describe the emotions so well. You incarnated Wolverine so well, man i didnt know i could actually fell even deeper for that character xD! He is raw, crude, brutal, passionate etc i could go all night long lol

I cant wait for you to finish that story, im so looking forward for your others stories!
Don't worry for your making love scenes, its perfect all in details and i just like the way you give in details their reactions, the more its precise better it is for us to picture the whole thing. Keep up the good work!
Very Talented!

Author's Response: Thank you Melyne, I'm glad you're liking the story. Yes the animated episode you are referring to is 'One Man's Worth', and although I can see the similarities I honestly couldn't say I was thinking of it when I started it, but it's possible. I may have watched it or something :) I'll try to get up another chapter if not later today than tomorrow. So please stay tuned.

PAMDILL10-25-09 - 09:03 am8: The Have NotsSigned
Glad u are back updating

victoria10-24-09 - 10:53 pm8: The Have NotsAnonymous
Damn those cool new powers now no loving betwix rolo cause ro is a burning inferno and everything in close contact when she gets arouse but damn if it aint a tad bit funny whoo i cant wait til she get controls of her new power!!!!! you are an wonderful and talented writer thank you for the update!!!!

Voli2310-13-09 - 07:01 am7: Chp 7Anonymous

Enhanced powers are always a plus along w/ a horny Logan. lol! Great work again and amazing update turnaround.

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