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Reviews For Getaway
CFG07-21-16 - 08:04 pm27: Chapter 27 - Two Bed, One Bath, Utilities Paid, Part 1Anonymous
I have been waiting forever for your update and I must say it was worth it!! Lovely story you have and I really hope you update soon. I'd be tickled pink for that lol! Your depictions of the characters are fabulous! Especially Ro! Anyways, I know life gets in the way sometimes, trust me, I know, but I beg you don't leave us hanging too long. You have a marvelous story going here and I for one will always be a fan and check regularly for an update!

Author's Response: Well, hello there! Thank you for the lovely comment, it made my day. Life can get in the way, trust me. I would much rather be at home drinking coffee, eating cookies and writing on my laptop all day instead of going to work, doing chores and cooking dinner, but I like doing those things known as "being able to buy food" and "having gas in my car." And "keeping a roof over my head with the lights on." Yeah. Kinda stinks being an adult. Thanks for reading the updates, once they finally happened! Thanks again for the review.

dispatcher65207-07-16 - 09:51 pm27: Chapter 27 - Two Bed, One Bath, Utilities Paid, Part 1Signed
Thank you Anna for pushing Ororo in the right direction and making her stop fighting her growing feelings for Logan. I love the first day talk and him asking her to wear red. Should be an interesting first date.

Author's Response: Interesting? Definitely!!! I like writing Anna. The things she says sound silly in my head a lot of the time.

Antiwa06-28-16 - 11:37 pm27: Chapter 27 - Two Bed, One Bath, Utilities Paid, Part 1Anonymous
Thanks for the update. I always read a chapter here or there. Sometimes the whole story again just waiting patiently for you to update. Which you did and I am very thankful that. Of course I will be reading the chapter again because that is what I do with everyone on here. I see Logan is on the right track in regards to the date thing. I can't wait to see what happens on the date and after.

Author's Response: Logan kinda figured it out with a little prodding from Scott, and just from reflecting back on some of the arguments he and Ro had, and some of their constructive talks. Ororo doesn't want to end up being a person he "settles for" just because they are contemplating "doing the right thing" and staying together for the baby. These two haven't had any real dates. They've had arguments. They've had sex. They've had angst and confusion. They haven't courted properly at all, and they have a great opportunity to remedy that. Marbles has been helpful with feedback and critique, and that made the last update a little easier to produce. Thank you for visiting my story, I appreciate it.

2Shay01-13-16 - 01:06 am26: Chapter 26 -Oh, Baby...Signed
I freaking love this story and I hope one day you'll continue.

Author's Response: "one day you'll continue" happened about a month or two ago... sorry it took so long, kiddo. Thanks for the love. Hope you like the update. It's a little on the silly side...

Anonymous03-23-15 - 05:53 am26: Chapter 26 -Oh, Baby...Anonymous
Pleas update and continue this story!! Please

Author's Response: Indeed. Yes, I will.

Anonymous02-21-15 - 01:00 pm26: Chapter 26 -Oh, Baby...Anonymous
I just started reading this story and it's amazing. I love it. I can't wait for the update.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I have updated it since you posted this, so I hope you end up enjoying it. It was nice of you to visit.

Pamela Dillon 01-28-15 - 12:53 pm26: Chapter 26 -Oh, Baby...Anonymous
I ask glad you are back to updating and nit just rushing ask end.

Author's Response: I don't do well when I rush. I forget details, accidentally "retcon" older chapters with inconsistencies, and lose the thread of my plot. Thanks for visiting my story, Pamela.

Anonymous09-06-14 - 05:51 am25: Chapter 25 - ArrangementsAnonymous
Finish please this story is amazing!!

Author's Response: It's getting there! I made a couple of updates since you posted this review. Hope you like them.

Carmen08-17-14 - 12:53 pm25: Chapter 25 - ArrangementsAnonymous
Where's the next update. Like I feel like it was just getting good. We had all those chapters of other characters build up and backstory. And when RoLo is finally getting good the story is abandoned. Please return.

Author's Response: Sorry for the lag in updates. I have a whole catalog of different stories in different fandoms, and my muses are picky about which ones they let me update. When I go through dry spells of not hearing from a particular fandom for a while, those stories take a back seat. I have posted a couple of chapters since you last posted this review.

AngelAloft04-18-14 - 09:57 pm25: Chapter 25 - ArrangementsSigned
I wish I could tell you how I have looked forward to this update, it was wonderful.

Author's Response: Thank you so much, Angel, I appreciate hearing it. I don't update often, because real life is often a train wreck for me, and I have very little privacy at home to sit down at my keyboard. Have a great evening, and happy creating.

Antiwa04-17-14 - 08:03 pm25: Chapter 25 - ArrangementsAnonymous
Wow I wasn't expecting him to move everything so that he could be in the state. I had a feeling he was going to follow her there but I also thought he would still have his life back in Boston or try to convenience her to come back. I just curious to see how far along she is. I want to know was baby conceive on the island. Enjoyed the chapter. Please update soon.

Author's Response: I was torn when it came to this chapter, because on the last chapter, I wanted him to stop her from moving, but that nagging voice inside said, "um, Ororo's bullheaded. She ain't backin' down. NEXT!" The baby, to my best guess, was conceived when those two were having a weekend romp at his place, since about three seasons have rolled around since they had their vacation, and she isn't showing quite yet. I'm glad you've been watching this story, and another update is in the queue, when I have time and creative shoves from my muses to write it. Take care.

Marbles04-17-14 - 06:42 am25: Chapter 25 - ArrangementsSigned
Oh my god, they're making progress! It feels a little two steps forward, one step back, but that's still more than I thought would happen, and it's great how Logan's stubbornness and bullheadedness is working in their favor (sort of, kind of) in this. I suspected he'd follow her, but it's pretty great that he had work move him there so now it's all permanent-feeling. I'm so glad they're at least in the same city again!

And gosh, that reunion! How explosive, haha. I haven't read decent RoLo smut in a long while, that was great. I still kind of want to knock their heads together but 1) Ororo's pregnant so that wouldn't be a good idea, and 2) at least they're not completely cold to each other, anymore!

Anyway, great update! And that upcoming OBGYN appointment's gonna be like a boxing match, isn't it? Haha :D

Author's Response: That smut has been percolating in the back of my mind for a while. The doctor's visit... yeah. Muahahahahahahaaaaa... Anyhoo, glad you've been reading along, Marbles, and it's always high praise coming from you when you give me any, I love your stuff. Logan is more complex in this than I originally planned, I initially wanted him to be the guy who just wanted the one-night stand, but instead, I found myself making Ororo assume that role instead. That was when it clicked in my head: Ororo is the divorcee, Logan is the widow. They have different fears and different expectations about what commitment entails. They're back in the same city, that will change the momentum a little in Logan's favor, but the fur will fly with them once again working in the same building. *more evil laughter* Good talking to you, Marbles.

RedVixen704-15-14 - 06:42 am25: Chapter 25 - ArrangementsSigned
About time...kinda... I guess Logan is right in how to handle this. Hopefully this is the beginnings of a step in the right direction. Ro really should stop being so difficult, at least Logan is trying. Hope the appointment goes well.

Nice Chappy! Can't wait for the next update!

Author's Response: Logan IS trying pretty hard! Ororo's a pain in the butt, isn't she? She has reasons for Logan's pitch being such a hard sell to her, and they're legitimate worries in light of how they met. I dunno, I like to listen in on them arguing in my head, it's like watching a tennis match. I'm a married mom of three in real life, and "marital bliss" in my house is like an episode of Maury or Springer. Thanks for the feedback, Red, and for your interest in this story. Be well.

tropicastorm04-14-14 - 12:08 am24: Chapter 24 - BaggageAnonymous
great update! but i have to say ororo's behavior is sooooo frustrating! i want her to stop fighting what she's feeling & let logan love her already! everyone sees it (her friends, scott, etc) why is she fighting against love so hard?!?!?! logan's a good guy - i want her to just love him back already! please update soon.

RedVixen704-13-14 - 08:59 am24: Chapter 24 - BaggageSigned
I WANT TO PUNCH THEM!! Let it go and get together! You want each other, you both want the baby. Grow up and put ego aside!!! Holy hell! This rollercoaster does not let up.

Great chappy!

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