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2Shay01-13-16 - 08:24 am22: Chapter 22 A Heart CompleteSigned
I loved every word of this story. Fantastic read!!

dispatcher65210-08-14 - 02:17 am22: Chapter 22 A Heart CompleteSigned
I'm sorry it took me so long to review. My vacation has allowed me to catch up on some reading. I want to say thank you Angel. Thank you for writing this wonderful story and for sharing it with your readers. I have enjoyed every chapter that you graced us with and this last one was had me smiling and wishing our favorite couple well. I love the hate you and hate me more. Those statements said by anyone else would hold nothing but venom but for Ororo and Logan those words words held more love than a normal I love you. I can't wait to read more from you.

irish_sunset06-28-14 - 08:59 pm22: Chapter 22 A Heart CompleteSigned
Pitter Patter goes my heart. Glad this story got it's official end!

Vas213906-26-14 - 06:29 am22: Chapter 22 A Heart CompleteSigned
Yea , Ro is preggers!!! I love the name of her dog, Lol, OMG I can't believe Ro let him name the dog that. Hate that it ended cause I wanted to know how Ro going to get a Wolvie back. Oh well! Great story!!

Antiwa06-25-14 - 04:20 pm22: Chapter 22 A Heart CompleteAnonymous
I loved this story. I hate that it's finish, but I do realize all great things must come to and end. I am looking forward to future stories when you are able.

Author's Response: Hi Antiwa, it has been a long time, but yes it's done. I am undecided as to whether or not I will post it's sequel yet, I would love to finish my other works first, I'm so OCD I hate to leave things hanging. lol Thank you for your kind words and the time you took to communicate them to me each time and for reading this story in the first place. Much gratitude, A A

Swahili Lily05-29-14 - 02:39 pm21: A Hearts So TiredAnonymous
Just sizzling! Loved it, my favorite Rolo!!!

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing , few words say a lot sometimes. A A

stormlover10-20-13 - 04:37 pm20: A Hearts ResolutionSigned
OMG....Absolutely loved it!!! I read the lyrics and was like, I know that song. Had to Google it and played it as I read the piece. Great job on this chapter....brought tears to my eyes.

Author's Response: Wow didn't know I would get that response out of anyone, thank you. Didn't know if anyone knew the song that well either, yer amazing Stormlover. (big smile) A A

stormlover10-20-13 - 03:54 pm17: A Stubborn HeartSigned
Ohhh, someone's scheming!

Author's Response: All I can say is , hahahahahahahaha. A A

stormlover10-20-13 - 02:14 pm14: Heart to HeartSigned
That's sad. She couldn't appreciate what she had.

Author's Response: Some people don't know a good thing when it's right in front of them unfortunately.

stormlover10-20-13 - 01:55 pm12: Hidden HeartSigned
That MoFo! How dare he!1

Author's Response: Ok, I'm just gonna say it, I know you are playing on Logan being the dog. Rightly so and rightly said. lmbo you're so smart A A

Author's Response: Ok, I'm just gonna say it, I know you are playing on Logan being the dog. Rightly so and rightly said. lmbo you're so smart A A

Author's Response: Ok, I'm just gonna say it, I know you are playing on Logan being the dog. Rightly so and rightly said. lmbo you're so smart A A

stormlover10-20-13 - 01:36 pm9: A Hearts SurrenderSigned

Author's Response: Thanks!

stormlover10-20-13 - 12:34 pm4: A Hearts HomeSigned
Nice touch. I always felt that Ro was musically inclined!

Author's Response: Thank you, besides writing I love music and to have her so gifted was just a must. A A

stormlover10-20-13 - 12:14 pm1: Chapter 1Signed!

Author's Response: Glad you got the humor along side of the angst. Thank you for bothering to read this fic, hope you will like it. A A

QTFic10-18-13 - 03:37 am21: A Hearts So TiredSigned
Yeah one of my favorite stories in the world was updated! Why on earth were you worried about this chapter it was so beautifully wittten! The love and forgiveness that had for each other was beautifully expressed. Even Mofo got a little lovin'!

Author's Response: Hi QTFic, 'Rage' is finally done, and you have been a constant inspiration to get it here, thank you so much for your insightful reviews and diligence in reading. You're the best. A A

Girlwonder10-14-13 - 12:21 am21: A Hearts So TiredSigned
Omg I love this story thank you for picking it back up!

Author's Response: Hey there Girlwonder, sorry so long in finishing up, it's finally done. Thank you sooo much for reading. Rolo fans are the best. A A

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