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Anonymous03-25-15 - 12:59 am9: Chapter 9Anonymous
Please update this story soon. It's amazing and booooo to Jean!

daphnie10-08-11 - 03:21 am9: Chapter 9Anonymous

Felicia07-18-11 - 02:37 am9: Chapter 9Anonymous
great story! I want to read more

QTFic06-26-11 - 03:22 pm9: Chapter 9Signed
Awwwh! I loved the reunion!

dispatcher 65206-26-11 - 10:45 am9: Chapter 9Anonymous
Yay! Logan said those three little words we all knew he was capable of and fixed Ro's broken heart. I hope Xavier has some good insurance on that mansion because there are going to be winds kicking up when those two get home. Lol!

AngelAloft06-26-11 - 12:39 am9: Chapter 9Signed
I am in story heaven right now. You updated with another awesome chapter and more stories posted today! I am soo happy Ororo and Logan are working out in this fic. You are truly showing a tenderness to Logan that is hardly shown and Ororo has more of a human frailty feel to her. I soo Love this story. More soon please.

dispatcher 65206-17-11 - 07:30 pm8: Chapter 8Anonymous
Sounds like Ro went to Gambit for some much needed attention. Good! I think it will do Logan some good to see someone shamelessly flirt with his wife. Letting him know that a little romance towards his wife won't kill him.

Author's Response: Oh how I do love me some Remy Lebeau. Thanks for reviewing :)

QTFic06-17-11 - 11:00 am8: Chapter 8Signed
Yeah, I had the same thoughts that Forge had as to Ororo's anger. I can't wait for the show down between Ororo and Logan. I truly he takes Forge advice as to how to win her back.

Author's Response: Yeah 'Ro's ego is a bit bruised so Logan will have a fight on his hand getting her back, literally!! Thanks for reviewing.

elise5006-15-11 - 11:21 pm7: Chapter 7Signed
Oh! While I kind of get where 'Ro is coming from, I'm not too sure her rash decision to leave like (especially with Forge) was the smartest idea. I'm so intrigued by this, I can't wait to see where it ends up.

Author's Response: 'Ro's upset, she's entitled. Storm/Ororo is always written (in fanfics as well as comics) to be the regal woman of reason. always turning the other cheek, the mother figure. This time I'm gonna let her be a brat. Oh and if she didn't make it clear enough in the story; Forge is nothing more than a ride; a means to an end. Thank you for reading and reviewing.

QTFic06-15-11 - 01:59 am7: Chapter 7Signed
OMG this has turned scary real quickly!!! Please, please update soon!

Author's Response: Ooooh don't be scared QT come here *hold arms wide open* It'll all be ok, I promise.

dispatcher 65206-14-11 - 07:09 pm7: Chapter 7Anonymous
Omg! I can't believe Ororo left like that. She didn't even try to talk things out with Logan. Her running like that was a move Jean would do. I understand her feelings about always feeling like she is second best but dang, she should have faced her fears and stood her ground.

Author's Response: I know she just up and left my Wolvie pooh. No she didn't want to work it out...yet. Ugh Jean-like move, now I must write and post the next chappy can't have you comparing 'Ro's actions to Jeans *shudders at the thought*. Nope for once I decided 'Ro shouldn't have to take the high road as she always does. Why should she keep her emotions in this matter in check, no. She's pissed and I want to explore that for a few chappies :D

MissyA06-14-11 - 03:08 pm7: Chapter 7Anonymous
nnnnnnnoooooo clif hanger, please hurry and post the new chapter

Author's Response:'re surprised by my cliffhanging you? LOL here I am 'officially' the queen of cliffhangers, and unfinished RoLo fics, but I Stay tuned I won't leave you hanging long.

QTFic06-14-11 - 12:06 am6: Chapter 6Signed
Poor Forge he better find somewhere far, far away to hide!!

Author's Response: Forge will turn out to be horrible and not so bad ;)

QTFic06-13-11 - 11:55 pm5: Chapter 5Signed
How much am I lovin this fic. And how much do I love Ororo putting Jean in her place and Logan's reaction to her doing so!!!

Author's Response: I think the scene in the kitchen with 'Ro marking her territory is by far my fave so far. Thanks for the review QT!

Sara06-10-11 - 06:21 pm1: Chapter 1Anonymous
I love this story so much!! Please continue!

Author's Response: So happy you love it Sara, stay tuned more to come.

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