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01/01/20 05:20 pm
Happy New Year, RoLo Family!! Hears to being more active on the site in 2020!!

Reviews For Tabula Rasa
Anonymous03-25-15 - 03:40 am11: SparksAnonymous
Damn, you stopped the story at a really bad time. Sexual cliffhanger, lol. Hope you update soon

Carmen07-05-14 - 06:10 pm11: SparksAnonymous
-____________- lol i can't with these great stories and most of them not finished. It saddens my heart.

MaryBrazil06-25-14 - 10:31 am1: In the Beginning...Signed
Love this story!! Please update soon!!!!

Denise06-22-12 - 11:13 pm11: SparksAnonymous
I love this story! I'm glad u updated about last night. When do you think you will update this one?

vaberella06-12-10 - 05:47 pm11: SparksAnonymous
"Whoop ass" coming out of the lips of Storm made me crack up. Too bloody funny. I love it. I wonder if Storm can still get pregnant even with the Dep injection. I say this because I'd assume some of Wolverine's sperm would have some of his regeneration ability. Like a condom is one thing, since that seals them away. But the sperm might be able to with-stand the injection because of his rejuvenation.

vaberella06-12-10 - 04:02 pm4: Hello Cutie...Anonymous
This chapter was too funny. 'Ro is way to horny for her own good. Wolverine you better be on top of that in more ways than one. I love when Wolverine was like, that's why you have that accent and she's like..."What accent?" Too funny. I think this is one of my favorite variations of Ororo. She's so cute.

vaberella06-12-10 - 02:43 pm1: In the Beginning...Anonymous
Oy, I had written a longer review but it got deleted and you know how that goes. Anyway, I haven't been in fandom in a while and thought I'd stop by to see this new fic by you. Technically not new because of all the chappies, but new for me. I love it. I thought you weren't writing as well. But it's good to see your work out there. I have to say this was brilliant. You always had a good command of the characters and this fic shows that. Normally we see writings putting the mutants, since they are mutants in perilous situations because of super villain's while us normally people have to contend with car crashes or plane crashes or slipping in the tub and stuff like that. I liked you brought to light something "normal" as dangerous to them. If the Friends of Humanity were real, I'd have them read this. Mutants too can die from a car accident (luckily Storm's not dead). Anyway, I'm back in fandom and I'll be tracking this fic. Great job.

ROLO__LOVER197905-16-10 - 04:07 pm11: SparksSigned
Love Ro kicking tail and Logan they are just great for each other

victoria 05-10-10 - 12:37 am11: SparksAnonymous
Praise you, Praise you i just adore this story and i am soooo happy you took the time and updated this wonderful story please, please keep it coming!!!

ROLO__LOVER197911-07-09 - 06:47 pm10: 9 Volt Batteries...Signed
That was cute

ROLO__LOVER197911-07-09 - 06:39 pm9: Understanding and Resolutions...Signed
He falling for her

ROLO__LOVER197911-07-09 - 06:35 pm8: A Provocation...Signed
AAWWWWWWWWWWWW they care so much for each other I like this rough side of Logan

ROLO__LOVER197911-07-09 - 06:28 pm7: Hot like Fire...Signed
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Logan was so mean, I still loved it though

ROLO__LOVER197911-07-09 - 06:09 pm6: Wanna be starting something...Signed
Hot Dog can we say ROADTRIP can not wait for more

ROLO__LOVER197911-07-09 - 06:04 pm5: No Strings Attached...Signed
Dam Ro is Big and Bold love how she Busted Logan balls

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