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Reviews For The Unforgiven
persnikitty506-29-12 - 05:58 pm1: The UnforgivenSigned
this was such a sad and beautiful fic. I am glad you it managed to have a happy ending of sorts

QTFic10-16-10 - 05:26 am2: HealingSigned
Wow this was heartbreaking and beautiful.

vaberella06-13-10 - 03:34 am2: HealingAnonymous
I hope you update this one. Poor Scott went nuts. Are you going to expand on the ramifications of the rape and what they've done to Storm.

rolletti@yahoo.com12-06-06 - 03:17 am2: HealingAnonymous
Awwww this is such tragic sweetness. sigh
In the beginning I couldn't tell who was who and found myself reading so fast just to find out. LOL Awww poor Scott, such a tragedy. Even after a brutal act, Ro was still the loving friend, WOW. It was nice to see that even though Logan didn't feel he could council her, he was there for her in other ways, like the hammock scene. What a wonderful picture you painted with that, even I felt relaxed. LOL

Maybe one day you'll get an itch and add another chapter or two...or three...or fifteen. I like how you start of ROLO's relationships.


Lyger12-25-05 - 08:42 am2: HealingAnonymous
I like the way this is going in chapter 2. A fresh new relashnship between Ororo and Logan this i like they need to be happy together.I

Lyger12-25-05 - 05:23 am1: The UnforgivenAnonymous
I wish Logan would have gotten to Scott first.He should have mad Scott pay in a very painful way

Deanna10-17-05 - 07:51 am1: The UnforgivenAnonymous
I thought this was a interesting story! Who would have ever pictured Scott as dark and menacing? That's original. I hope you concluded your story eventually!

Saki12-14-03 - 02:53 am2: HealingAnonymous
Whoa! I'm shocked about Scott, but at least it ended nicely with Ororo and Logan in the hamper. Very sweet part.

Candice09-22-03 - 03:30 am2: HealingAnonymous
oOo Wow...that was interesting...Sad...and good. loved it !! ^^" continue!!

TigerStorm09-19-03 - 02:23 pm2: HealingAnonymous
Didn't feel like loging in. I'm in school lol Yes this did help my withdrawl...a little :-D I like it! Post more!

Aireonna09-04-03 - 10:54 pm1: The UnforgivenSigned
I loved this fic, like all of yours...theres going to be a sequeal right?? and you are writing one right!?!

Jennifer07-08-03 - 04:00 am1: The UnforgivenAnonymous
I liked how this story was written! I liked how you made Scott a dark person! I was surprised at the end to read that he died of a drug overdose! Are you going to write a sequel to this story? I hope you do!

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