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Reviews For Animal Behavior
Lychee01-03-12 - 02:29 pm7: FinaleAnonymous
Holy God. You're a terrible person! This was quite likely one of the wildest rides I've ever been on, I feel like I had about five heart attacks here, holy crap. I almost stopped reading after Feral!Possessed!Logan does his thing with Storm, and then she - and then found out she was - and then they ran! and it was awesome except the kid came early and then..! but they had to - and then they went back - but the baby was - and then when they found her it was -

Man, I need a moment, here. What a wild ride. I'm so happy for this ending; I almost wanted to gut a few things when you scared us with that - ugh. just. ugh. I hate you, your stories are too awesome my heart can't handle it. b29;b29;b29;

QTFic10-17-10 - 12:03 am7: FinaleSigned
Wow another powerful story. Your writing style is incredible!

QTFic10-16-10 - 06:34 pm2: TakenSigned
Wow! How on earth do you come back from that?? I would have wanted to do exactly what Storm did. I can't wait to read more!!

The Scribe209-04-10 - 10:30 pm7: FinaleAnonymous
I absolutley loved this story. It took me for a wild ride, which is what I was looking for. Great job!

irish_sunset01-06-10 - 09:57 pm7: FinaleSigned
Oh My Gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You have no idea how glad I am that your muse returned to finish this story! Even though it's one of the shorter's still incredibly memorable!

I have so many other stories I have favorited and that are not complete. You give me wonderful hope that they could be finished as well.

Keep on writing!

ROLO__LOVER197911-07-09 - 04:34 pm7: FinaleSigned
I love the ending

ROLO__LOVER197911-07-09 - 04:32 pm6: Welcome Back...Signed
I can wait to see how it all ends

ROLO__LOVER197911-07-09 - 04:28 pm5: Lost and FoundSigned
I really hope there was a good reason

ROLO__LOVER197911-07-09 - 04:26 pm4: Chp 4Signed
Who baby is it

ROLO__LOVER197911-07-09 - 04:24 pm3: The GameSigned
What does Charles means yes and no

ROLO__LOVER197911-07-09 - 04:05 pm1: Animal BehaviorSigned
I am so loving this

ROLO__LOVER197911-07-09 - 04:05 pm2: TakenSigned
I so wanted the baby to make it

rolletti@yahoo.com12-07-06 - 03:34 am6: Welcome Back...Anonymous
OH MY GOSH! OKAY, I feel as if we are best friends. LOL This story urgh, what more can I say? This is just so...AMAZING, so powerful, and so...amazing. Sigh This was such a great read, Pari and I hope to see many of your finished work in the future. You are a great writer and I want to thank you for sharing your wonderful, great works of art with us ROLO lovers.


Burnz10-23-06 - 08:43 pm6: Welcome Back...Anonymous
Really interesting fic. Full of all sorts fo twists and turns. I wonder what will and should become of Morph.

toya02-06-06 - 03:02 am2: TakenAnonymous
W-O-W...hella nice!! im really gettin' wrapped up in tha story..dang lol

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