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Reviews For A Killing Time
stormlover02-18-14 - 03:19 am8: Chapter 7Signed
Oh you are so wrong to leave it hanging right there. I hope you pick this one up again. I love Logan's character.

Beautiful Storm01-18-11 - 11:53 pm8: Chapter 7Signed
Finish please

RhiannonUK08-26-07 - 02:47 pm8: Chapter 7Anonymous
You are NOT going to leave this unfinished are ya?

I hope you haven't abandoned this story just as it's picking up pace. Please tell me ya haven't.

OriginalCeenote03-26-07 - 06:06 pm8: Chapter 7Anonymous
You always leave us champing at the bit, slavering hungrily for an update, knock us over the head with a chapter well-written, insightful, and full of thoughts we never thought we would have about these characters, since you always manage to keep them fresh.

Now, I know you will make us wait weeks, even MONTHS, for another update, you cruel, cruel woman, you! There you go again!!! I like how you brought in Raven, and the tense little scene with Jean and Logan. It hit the spot.

Dragon03-26-07 - 04:52 pm8: Chapter 7Anonymous
Great chapter!!!! I can’t wait to read the next chapter so UPDATE SOON.

Nancy12-31-06 - 03:34 am1: PrologueAnonymous
Great story so far.

Moaricai10-01-06 - 08:40 am7: Chapter 6Anonymous
damn, i thought u abandoned this story long ago....
it's nice suprise to see it updated. gives me hope to see others fine stories that seems to be forgotten.

tam10-01-06 - 02:18 am7: Chapter 6Anonymous
TY pari :D
great update, gd you got logans anger in there ^^

bug06-28-06 - 06:02 am6: Chapter 5Anonymous
ahhh...i was devistated when i realized this story wasn't complete. i hope hope hope that you will continue it and finish it. i love it and the characterization is right on.

Rising Phoenix05-13-06 - 06:19 pm6: Chapter 5Anonymous
This is a good start. I am interested to see Logan and Ororo work together without mutant powers. Will there be an update soon???

Lyger01-05-06 - 07:41 am1: PrologueAnonymous
Sad state!

Stormcrow07-25-05 - 06:11 pm6: Chapter 5Signed
I am really enjoying your police spine on all of this. and i have a feeling that it wll only get better...I have an idea who the killer is but will keep that to myself incase i am wrong.

thewindrider27807-23-05 - 03:03 am6: Chapter 5Anonymous
Pari, girl, finally some updates!!! I was beginning to wonder what happened to you! LOL, Logan is such a cynical bitch. Keeping America "pure".... psh, gee, I wonder where he came from? You have to forgive my attitude.... I just hate these arguments. I like the way the story is unfolding, kinda reminds me of Law and Order. Keep it up girl... I can't wait for more!

Rhapsody8107-22-05 - 07:19 am6: Chapter 5Anonymous
was short, but thanks. You'v ebeen awefully quite in terms of stories.

Digital Tempest07-22-05 - 07:14 am6: Chapter 5Anonymous
Oh snap! An update! :D I don't think it was boring at all. Being that I love shows like Law and Order and CSI, I'm just eating this whole fic up. I could just imagine the horrific scenes you desribed in this chapter. And you just have to love 'Ro for putting Logan in his place about "pure Americans".

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