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Montague05-01-16 - 10:59 am1: Chapter OneAnonymous
Exactly me too love the effect Logan has on the girl even though they hardly know one another. Damn, Sebastian really made the girl pay for the girl failure. I really hope she will be capable of geting from ebay as soon as possible.

Anonymous03-10-15 - 11:27 pm7: Chapter FiveAnonymous
I hope you come back and continue this story. I love Storm as an assassin. And Logan chasing her for once.

VenomQueen06-01-08 - 12:44 am7: Chapter FiveAnonymous
Woah! This is crazy. I can't wait for the next chapter. Who is the mystery man?

Dragon03-26-07 - 04:49 pm7: Chapter FiveAnonymous
Great chapter!!!! I can’t wait to read the next chapter so please keep on writing and UPDATE SOON.

Calliope_Soars06-07-06 - 05:47 pm7: Chapter FiveAnonymous
Just want you to know that this fic owns me now. I am its bitch, lol. Seriously it is so intricate and gorgeous, I hate that I read it so quickly and have nothing else to pacify myself with. Please please update soon, also, I adore your author's notes, I like to see what songs, poems, movies etc have inspired you. It's very interesting. Keep it up, you're superb at this!

Calliope_Soars06-07-06 - 01:01 pm4: Chapter ThreeAnonymous
This is like the most awesome sci-fi/suspense movie ever, I feel like I should have some popcorn while reading this. It's unbelievably gripping and I can't help but be overwhelmed by your eye for detail and the easy flow to your writing. It feels effortless, yet I can see how meticulous you've been in constructing this story. My highest compliment. What with this story and Odalisque and this story, you are turning me into a full-fledged fangirl. Simply put, you win at life!

Steph :)05-16-06 - 06:50 am7: Chapter FiveAnonymous
Damn, what's going on with Ro? What's wrong? Ever since that meeting she felt crappy... Did they do something to her?
I think I mentioned it before, but I really like to see Vic and Ro like this, heh. Even though I'm anxious to see Logan back in the picture soon...
Looking forward to your next update! :)

Steph :)05-16-06 - 06:01 am6: Entr’acte: Three Can Keep a SecretAnonymous
Heh, I can't see Vic leaving a scene clean and spotless either :) The man needs his fun :D

Waitaminute... the good stuff won't start before chapter ten? LOL! And what do you call the first chapters then? Not good? Yer kidding, right? :)

Steph :)05-15-06 - 07:56 pm5: Chapter FourAnonymous
So Vic's the posessive type, heh :) I can't help it but I think that's pretty cute. Can't wait to find out how this'll go on between them. Especially with her "non-existing" interest in Logan ;)
Sometimes I just can't decide what I love more: Ro with Logan or Ro with Vic, heh :D Both are just too yummy to make a decision!

Steph :)05-15-06 - 03:32 pm4: Chapter ThreeAnonymous
I like the effect Logan has on her even though they barely know each other.
Damn, Sebastian really made her pay for her failure. I hope she'll be able to get away from this business as soon as possible.
Mmmm yum, totally loved that kiss! :D

Steph :)05-15-06 - 11:57 am3: Entr'acte: God's HandAnonymous
Mh, who might this man be Sebastian is meeting. Sinister would be my guess right now. "God's Hand", now that doesn't really sound too good...

Steph :)05-15-06 - 11:23 am2: Chapter TwoAnonymous
Loved the scenes at the mansion. From both Logan's and Ro's point of view.
Uh oh, now she's in trouble I guess :)

Steph :)05-15-06 - 10:26 am1: Chapter OneAnonymous
I just started reading this story.
Ro - dark and dangerous. I like it a lot! :)
And Ro and Vic... yum! Can't wait for some RoLo though and for some more insight view on her past.

Darlin04-23-06 - 08:08 am7: Chapter FiveSigned
I reviewed this at but had to mention again how much I enjoyed it. I'm really glad to see how productive you've been of late.

Monica04-22-06 - 07:41 pm7: Chapter FiveAnonymous
What the hell did they put in her tea? I think it's the te tea because of the way they were looking at her and she said Sebastian was never nice enough to offer her tea. It's GOT to be the tea because Sebastian is dirty enough to do it.

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