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Reviews For ...Until it's Gone
Min08-16-16 - 08:50 pm12: The EndAnonymous
I liked your story, though I hate Storm with somebody else...even when you painted him as such a great fellow...I hated that....But, I suppose I can't resent the fact that he cared so deeply for her...

Royalltee05-10-16 - 07:00 am12: The EndSigned
Absolutely amazing. T'Challa's death had hit me pretty hard😢😭. But as always your stories are amazing. Keep doing what is you are best at 😎d84;a039;

Anonymous03-07-15 - 07:44 pm12: The EndAnonymous
Wow. This story came full circle. I loved it.

stormlover11-19-13 - 11:22 am12: The EndSigned
Oh my goodness....that was a rollercoaster ride of emotions. Thank you for the excellent story. I loved the dialogue and the ueen Mother was off the chain!

AngelAloft06-11-12 - 04:31 am2: Bride HuntSigned
I really can't stand T'Challa, but here you have made him at least pallatable. Can't say I blame him in his heart choice, but I wish everyone else would just leave Logan and Ororo alone. That said this all makes for a wonderful story. (smile)

AngelAloft06-11-12 - 04:29 am1: Phone calls and RevelationsSigned
I read this a long time ago and am now re-reading it. Just wanted to say you have set up the perfect characterization for Ororo and Logan. To have captured the aloneness and need in them both so easily is nothing short of amazing.

lychee01-10-11 - 08:24 am9: Tears and RainAnonymous
I am probably on my fourth or fifth reread of this fic. this chapter always gets to me. Always. It's like, of all the chapters, this is the kicker. It starts out lovely, awesomely, amazingly with Logan and Ororo making amends and you painting this picture perfect marriage between her and T'Challa and shenanigans at the mansion, even!

And then you take a stake, drive it into the reader's heart, twist it, laugh maniacally at our pain and then dust the wound with a fine helping of salt or something. Seriously. Seriously. That's how much of an emotional rollercoaster this was, and I want to hate you for stringing everyone on, but. I can't. I'm in way too deep.

(I do resent you for making T'Challa way too easy to adore and fall in love with, ONLY TO KILL HIM IN THE END. God. My heart, it weeps.)

(I am, however, glad that everything works out in the end.)

(Still, this fic is like a milestone for me because. I am a big RoLo fan - what am I doing rooting for the rival ship? XD)

starnoble0311-09-10 - 01:22 am12: The EndSigned
You know I started reading this story and it totally took me over...I knew it sounded familiar and then I saw the reviews I had left back in ' read it again and it was like I was reading it for the first time...Looking forward to anything new you got brewin'

jazz08-21-08 - 08:09 pm12: The EndAnonymous
Great story! I was wondering how u would end it so that storm and the wolverine would be together, as t'challa was awesome @ loving our weather goddess! More!

Rainhio05-07-07 - 05:39 am1: Phone calls and RevelationsSigned
Thad story was perrrffect. I have wonderd How will someone cet rid of thad, what his name, T'Calla. Just one thing! What does TEAM!KING mean?

Tiz04-06-07 - 09:57 am12: The EndAnonymous

nemesisbecoming03-01-07 - 10:06 am9: Tears and RainAnonymous
oh no you hella didn't oh no you didn't...

i'm so friggin emotional.



oh noes.

I'm taking a sick day from work. Oh hells naw.

Author's Response: Awwwww...sorry--but it is the RoLo realm, LOL. I was all about T'Challa too. I hate Hudlin but BP the character has merit. Lots of it! **hugs**

nemesisbecoming03-01-07 - 09:46 am8: DivergenceAnonymous
Again: TEAM KING! Recognize.

nemesisbecoming03-01-07 - 09:30 am7: ChoicesAnonymous

NemesisBecoming03-01-07 - 08:37 am6: The Wedding?Signed
Well, at this point I'm Team!King cause, hell, dude's loaded and is all about her. What's to hate?

But I do have to admit that i had to reread that section a couple of times to make sure that Logan didn't borderline rape her, which I guess he didn't since she, I guess, kissed him back. But to be honest, the psychological leap for her from the argument to the sex loses me. She was all like no and then about her honor but then bangs him.

Not skipping ahead, i'm asking myself, self: is this a pregnancy angst setup?

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