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Reviews For ...Until it's Gone
Raeyna06-03-06 - 01:36 am12: The EndAnonymous
I loved the ending, especially with the announcement and all, that was funny. But, wow, what a long wait! It was worth it though.

salad06-03-06 - 01:26 am12: The EndAnonymous
such a great story!.... im glad u finished it!... loved the whole thing. i especially loved how it finished! hahah.... nice one.

Roxxibebe0206-03-06 - 01:09 am12: The EndAnonymous
It had a cute ending, and I loved the whole story. It was amazing.

modernbard06-03-06 - 01:03 am12: The EndAnonymous
Love It!! Absolutely wonderful way to end this.

Steph :)05-08-06 - 04:16 pm11: Friends in NeedAnonymous
8 month.... wow, that's quite some time. And they haven't seen nor spoken to each other during that time? Grrr, those two are way too thickheaded LOL. Damn them!
Good thing Logan's on his way now. "About time", heh, Kitty spoke out aloud exactly what I was thinking :)

Totally loved the talk between Ro and Logan. From when he first showed up until the end. The way he talked to her, the way he reacted to what she said and vice versa. Normally it's the other way around with them, so this was just great! :D
I soooo was like "yay!" when Ro felt the urge to just kiss him. That's a damn good sign, weeee :)

Sitting on the floor, Logan holding her tight making his silent vow. So moving... Guess them suckers are really going to hurt soon.

Can't wait for what's coming next!
Is it really just one more chapter?

Blackpanther04-25-06 - 12:15 pm11: Friends in NeedAnonymous
How can you write so perfectly? Every word is in the right place...Every line comes as natural...Everything is perfect. The last scene with Ororo and was so...perfect. But i already said that. I love this story! Keep on writing! And i beg you update soon!

JamesGirl051204-24-06 - 03:20 pm11: Friends in NeedAnonymous
Oh no. There is only going to be one more chapter. Please say it isn't so. I love this story so much, and I just hate to see it come to an end. :::Fights back the tears::: This has been an awesome ride you have taken us on. I'm already making plans to reread the story. This chapter was amazing. I love how naturally Ororo and Logan fall back into their close relationship. Even when Logan "attacked" her, you knew she had no fear because she completely trusted him, if anything she was just mad that he caught her off guard. You write the characters so true to life. These are the people that I have fallen in love with over the last 10 years. Why doesn't Marvel get. :::sighs:::

Sinjin04-24-06 - 01:34 am11: Friends in NeedAnonymous
one word..DAMN.

charmer04-23-06 - 09:01 pm11: Friends in NeedAnonymous
wow. and to think, i had all but forgotten this was so tragic. last night (when i got in, around 4 am -- you can imagine my state...) i sat there and re-read the whole story. it's so beautiful and so touching and so heartbreaking and it sort of makes me hate you and love you at the same time. (ps you need to take wolvie from me for a while...enjoy)

modernbard04-23-06 - 07:32 pm11: Friends in NeedAnonymous
Love this!! More soon please.

ebony8302eyes04-23-06 - 02:49 pm11: Friends in NeedAnonymous
i waited soooooo long and now its finally here! oh my gosh its so sad and she's gone crazy ! it was intresting to see the change in roles with logan being all resaonable and stuff and ororo being like" i don't give a f***"! at he end when she finally opened up and let it all out I was like whew, now in the next chap they can get to the gooooooood stuff (if you know what i mean) and i can't wait! when you finish this one i am going to have to go back and read it all over again from the start,it is just that good!

salad04-23-06 - 11:36 am1: Phone calls and RevelationsAnonymous
oh man... at last! the are definately getting together!! (fingers crossed) for good!!! haha... i've been waiting SO SO SO long for this story to be updated! hopefully i dun have to wait as long as i did for this one! =D

Wes04-23-06 - 07:20 am11: Friends in NeedAnonymous
I have been reading this story for some time, and must comment that it is coming along quite well. The entire aspect of this is quite original and nothing short of moving, I look forward to seeing future works...great job :)

thesupernugget04-23-06 - 06:41 am11: Friends in NeedAnonymous
oh heartwrenching agony of lost love where hast thou been?

Raeyna04-23-06 - 06:25 am11: Friends in NeedAnonymous
Totally cool chapter. I'm sooo diggin' the bad girl Roro. I kinda don't want Logan to fix her to her original non-killing self. And I agree with Kitty, its about 'damn' time he go to her. I liked it when she got all flustered when she was talking to him in the middle to of trying to get a bad guy. That was funny. Can't wait to see what happens next now that she's told him about the baby.

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