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09/15/21 12:52 am
Hi y’all. Hope everyone is safe and healthy.

Reviews For ...Until it's Gone
OriginalCeenote04-23-06 - 05:58 am11: Friends in NeedAnonymous
...and I thought the fudge brownies I scarfed down earlier tonight were decadent and satisfying. This put them to shame! Excellent dialogue, I love the exchanges, I love Kitty saying "about time," I love Ororo spouting off about the vibranium. How cool is that? And the closing line has me screaming for more! Wheeeee!

elanda197304-23-06 - 03:13 am11: Friends in NeedAnonymous
Oh man! I've waited weeks with baited breath for you reach a rational level of calm from Reginald Hudlin's ranting and raving! WHEW! This chapter blew me away! Ro all bad ass and Logan being the voice of reason! You really threw me there but Logan does have to protect the woman he loves! I know it'll take Ro a little time to come around but I can't wait to see where you go with this although I may have an inclination, you always change things up and suprise me! I LOVED THIS CHAPTER! Write on windrider1! Write on!

Darlin03-28-06 - 03:54 pm5: Decisions to be madeSigned
This story is so good, so well written, so lovely and heart felt that it really blew me away when I read this chapter a month or so ago. Very emotional!

In fact it was hard to continue reading this story because I don't want Storm with the Black Panther and you're doing a fantastic job of convincing me otherwise. That is so not fair! But I've missed your lovely stories and so I suppose I'll have to continue this, bit by bit, slowly giving myself time to digest the wedding. After all I know you're a RoLo shipper at heart.

Darn you for being such a good writer! ;D

Author's Response: Awwww, Darlin from you that is the highest compliment!! Really. I so value your opinion, as one helluva a writer. An update coming up...eventually. Gotta let some of my Hudlin anger go first. :P

Lerie03-28-06 - 12:43 am10: AftermathAnonymous
Wow, it has brought tears to my eyes. I hate that she lost her connection to her husband. He was so amazing and a child would have been at least a part of him that was always with her.

I anxiously await the next chapter. Thanks!

LaydeRogue03-25-06 - 04:31 am10: AftermathAnonymous
I love this story so much that i had to re-read it again. Yeah, slow night at work. But i realized how much i really do miss this story. Update soon. Pretty Pwease...with whipped cream and cherries on top.

Akisha03-19-06 - 11:55 am10: AftermathAnonymous
I hope that this is not the end. I am mesmerized by this story. I have read it all in one sitting; and again at work!! I REALLY LOVE THIS STORY!!!! Halfway through, I wasn't too sure. I didn't want Ororo to leave Logan. But life is full of many choices. I loved how you developed the story and how you made T'Challa, Ororo and Logan, all so human.

Now comes the hard part, how does Ororo go on? How does Logan help her and be at her side? How will we recognize Logan when he is selfless...I have to say that T'Challa was WONDERFUL. I didn't like him at first because Ororo should be with Logan, despite his faults. But T'Challa's love was even more.

I look forward to reading how Ororo becomes a stronger and deeper person; and to Logan winning her love. Please don't let him be "a day late and a dollar short."


toyathegr803-17-06 - 12:56 am10: AftermathSigned
Garsh windy..You make me feel fer these characters and *sniffle* and..i get so is my personal believe that you're an excellent writer aside from rolo and stuff you write excellent fiction..
-sigh- well logans giving her her space, hopefully that would not mean they drift too far part and Ro is slowly recovering [yay!]
continue to update this! you must! you will?:D

OriginalCeenote03-15-06 - 06:26 am10: AftermathAnonymous
Aha! Heart-shaped root of Wakanda. Right. Got it. Never woulda guessed. And I seriously love N'Yami. She's righteous.

Can't wait til you update this. Wonder what'll happen to Logan and 'Ro after the Civil War? Hmmmmmmm...

Echo03-14-06 - 02:32 am10: AftermathAnonymous

I know this can't be the end! WR1, this story absolutely ROCKS! I haven't enjoyed a work of fanfic this much since my first days of RoLo'dom, way, waaay back when I first read the likes of She Walks in Beauty and Eye of the Storm. Let me be blunt--whatever nameless, pure magic those authors tapped from the gods of Creativity, YOU have certainly drank your fill! (That wasn't very blunt, I know, buy I'm in the middle of getting carried away, so bear w/ me.)

I can't wait to see what happens next! You've portrayed Ro with a fiery passion and determination that reminds me all over again why she's my favorite character. The realistic, humanizing characteristics given to Logan I believe are missing in his 'real world' counterpart since the days of Uncanny Annual #11. And T'Challa...well, you have done the absolutely impossible in making this character downright likeable, sympathetic and most of all WORTHY of our Goddess. Brava, WR1--Brava!

I hope to see more stories from you--and especially the next installment of this fic--It's absolutely wonderful!! It will have to go down as one of the top fanfics ever--RoLo & Otherwise alike!!!

ebony8302eyes03-14-06 - 02:27 am10: AftermathAnonymous
I love how you always tie all of the ends of the story together the plant was such a good touch at the end.I am so looking foward to seeing how ororo"s new role will affect her relationship with logan. on a sad note I kind of wanted her to have the baby but i guess it worked out for the best. good work once again and i can't wait to see the update! one request make it nice and long!

Echo03-14-06 - 01:47 am9: Tears and RainSigned

Why am I all sad and heartbroken cos BP is gone???


Damn you, WR1! Damn you to hell, but you can write, darlin. U can write the shit outta fanfic!! That's it! That's all! I have to get to the next chapter!! I can't wait any m--

Echo03-14-06 - 01:18 am8: DivergenceSigned
Oh, WR1...

How much torture can I take?? You've got me actually stomaching the marriage, liking BP's protectiveness AND still feeling sorry for Logan all at once??

Shame on you.

Seriously, this chapter's absolutely beautiful. I'm immediately on my way to the next, and the next...well, you get the picture.

roloangel0903-13-06 - 06:12 pm10: AftermathAnonymous
wow, this was a really great chapter...i loved the exchange between T'Challa and Logan before he died, made me love T'Challa even more...I felt sooo bad for Ororo, but thankful that N'Yami is there to help bring back some of that fiery spirit of hers...hmm...wonder how Logan plans to fulfill his promise to T'Challa without feeling overly guilty that he's still in love with 'Ro...

loved it...update soon, please!!!

JamesGirl051203-13-06 - 04:51 am10: AftermathAnonymous
These chapter are not nearly long enough. This was so moving. You are so evil Windrider, I can't even be happy that T'Challa is out of the picture because even in the process of dying he is so amazing. He marries 'Ro understanding that she still has feelings for Logan, he never keeps anything from her, even telling her that Wolverine had come back for her, and then he goes and dies but is man enough to tell Logan to take care of her and be there for her...knowing that if Logan does that there is a chance that Logan and 'Ro may get together. I love him, I hate him, and most of all, I hate that I love him. LOL. Please give us more soon. Amazing!!! :::kisses:::

Rhapsody8103-12-06 - 03:29 pm10: AftermathAnonymous
beyond all else that was touching. the way his mother interferes is appropriate. like the lady far more than that initial impression you've created. Kitty's realization was also well handled. like the joke about hte healing factor and the scrooge. Also it was interesting T'challa's request of Logan. it made sense, feasible.

well done.

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