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09/15/21 12:52 am
Hi y’all. Hope everyone is safe and healthy.

Reviews For ...Until it's Gone
CinnamonBriar03-12-06 - 01:15 pm10: AftermathAnonymous
oooooo, nifty. Is it THE plant? 'Cause I thought the person had to go on some silly test/quest to earn the right to eat the thing? Keep up the great work hun! You had me crying again. :)

Steph :)03-12-06 - 12:19 pm10: AftermathAnonymous
Just crawled out of bed and now I'm sitting here crying already LOL! Damnit!
It pains me to see Ro and Logan hurting like this. For different reasons but hurting still.

Impaled... in that second I knew that the baby was dead. Poor Ro :(
T'Challa's request to Logan... I honestly didn't see that one coming. He's an overall good guy even when dying! Gah! I want to hate him for being that nice (if that makes any sense LOL) but even that I can't... because he's so nice!!! *holds head in hands*

In Ro's room Logan spoke out loud what I was thinking, heh. Everything about T being a nice guy and all. Not liking him but still hurting. So true... :)
I love Kitty btw! Loved what she said to Logan. And he better listen to her!

When will they see each other again? Will it take another year? OMG... I so hope he's going to follow her soon! Be there for her in Wakanda. Stand up to his promise.
Will she stay in Wakanda btw? Just wondering...

This was a great chap between what happened and what's about to come! I can't wait to find out what it is exactly :D
My RoLo hope is up again! After all, the main obstacle is out of the way. The harsh that may sound, it's true. And I don't feel that bad anymore liking that he's gone. For good. *waits impatiently for next update* :D

Lady Dreamwalker03-12-06 - 08:07 am10: AftermathSigned
I dunno which chapter tore my heart the most. This or the previous? You continue to amaze me with how well you can depict the depth of such strong emotions. I have never been so touched by a story before. It feels like I'm there with 'Ro and feels her hurt. Damn, it's so cruel what's happening to her when she finally had some happiness for herself.

Masterfully written!

and poor Logan! He is definately redeemed, and i just want to hug him and tell him that everything will work out...because it will, won't it??

Ororo needs to get through her sorrow and go medieval on that murdering son of a b*tch's ass! It's not her style, so Logan could lend a few claws.

No one can kill's T'Challa and live. make him suffer!

Raeyna03-12-06 - 06:27 am10: AftermathAnonymous
I gotta couple of questions. His body's in the morgue and Ro saw it. So there's no chance that he's gonna come up from the dead and torture our couple, right? I think that would be just like you to do that, (remember Honor Bound, hmm?) and Marvel's resurrecting some dead character, or so I hear. So I'm a bit paranoid, I can't help it. I just want all obstacles for our couple outta the way. And she was impaled, like, there's no baby impaled?

Oh, and “Why the fuckdya have ta go and be so goddamn good to her? Huh? Ya couldn’t be a piece of shit womanizer?” by Wolvie, I was wondering the same thing. I mean it woulda made thing sooo much easier. Henhh. But I guess the road to happiness is fill with thorns, or some philosophical sh*t like that. I'm trying to get over it T'Challa being a goody guy, but it's still not happening.
I like the T'Challa's mom, spunky 'lil thing. I hope she get's Ro out of the funk she's in. She can't marry for a year, that sucks. But then, maybe a year is what it'll take for our couple to get together, although I hope it's a lot sooner. I'm trying to be an optimist here.
As for Ro's grieving funk and Wolvie's staying away but being supportive at the same time 'thing', I hope you don't make us wait tooo long for the sparks to fly again. Pleeeeeeeease?

And of course, I can't forget about KC. I think I remember you telling me that it would be coming. Hold on, lemme find it....*looks through messeges* Aaaaha, I found this from the last reply "This and KC coming up". So, there's this chapter. Where's KC? Huh? Huh? Huh? HUH!!? Don't make me turn into an obnoxious two year old begger. It's not pretty. And one other, tiny, teeny (ah, screw it), BIG, HUGE, request? Could you finish Honor Bound? That is, if it's not finished. I don't think it's quite done. It's not on the Completed Fics list so I'm assuming it's not done. Could you please....for me, and all the other fans,...but mostly for me (jus' kiddin' *snicker*). But really, for everyone? And yourself. I mean, don't it feel good to finish something? OK, I'm done. I'll be waiting...impatiently as always.

salad03-12-06 - 03:50 am10: AftermathAnonymous
great build-up chapter to whats coming... tho not as moving as the last one but still... finalising T-Challa's death, and now we know the baby's gone. Now im wondering what's Logan gonna do to 'be there' for Ro. and how long is it gona take for Ororo to move on with Logan (hopefully! right?). And if Ro's gonna still be Queen?... and who's gonna be she suitor... after a year???... Hmmm...... Who Could it Be?????.....

modernbard03-12-06 - 02:54 am10: AftermathAnonymous
I'm glad that Logan and Ororo have a chance; but I am sorry that it happened at the expense of T'challa's life. He wasn't a bad man; no matter how much I wanted to hate him for stealing 'Ro away. Can't wait until your next update.

mercy03-11-06 - 02:21 pm9: Tears and RainAnonymous
that was definetly a twist.

mercy03-11-06 - 02:19 pm9: Tears and RainAnonymous
that was definetly a twist.

mina03-10-06 - 09:30 pm9: Tears and RainAnonymous
Oh My God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You killed T'Challa! I know, I know he wasn't going to last, but damnit! Girl as always, you had me at the edge of my seat, yelling at the screen. How sad for Ororo and T'Challa dying the same way her parents died. Your the best windrider1. :D

Starnoble0303-09-06 - 10:20 pm9: Tears and RainAnonymous
That was a GREAT Chapter! It was so good I wish that I wrote it! I can't believe that T'challa is dead. There has to be some kind of mistake. I really need for this guy to come back to life. Everything was coming together so perfectly. Ororo was happy, she had finally talked to Logan, and he gave his blessing or somthing like it about her marriage to the panther...they had a baby on the way...and it was beautiful. Then BOMB! my world comes shattering down by this tragedy. BRING HIM BACK! Logan still doesn't deserve her after all that he has out here through. Listen to me... Iam a die hard ROLO fan and here I am cheering for the other guy. I guess that is a tribute to how good this writing is. I love they way you have developed this story and I love how the DRAMA continues to unfold. You've inspired me to start writing ROLO again seeing how I haven't written anything in alomst 2 yrs. OMG Im crying I can't believe this. This story has brought tears to my eyes and I loved every monent of it I couldn't read fast enough. PLEASE keep up the good work and UPDATE soon....I mean like withing the next 10 min would be great. But great work takes time so don't rush it. I'd rather wait for a great story then read something less then what it could have been.

Author's Response: Yes!! Start writing, and OMG, such a HUGE compliment that I inspired that. I just read Tired tonight, and I reviewed, but I'll say again, so true to real life. **Thumbs way up** As for the crying, i should feel bad, but I don't. i can't. It means so much that you are that emotionally involved! I love that! Thank you for the review and I hope to hear more, and read more from you!! (Soon I hope)

sinsiterkamui03-08-06 - 04:16 pm9: Tears and RainAnonymous
this si a very ggood story and alothough i knew the king had to die im kind sorry to see him go because of how it hurts ororo but what are the extent of her injuries come on we need an update

Author's Response: Update coming--promise. ;) As always thank you for the review!!

elanda197303-07-06 - 10:55 pm9: Tears and RainAnonymous
This chapter is harsh to the core! Logan admitting he screwed up by not seeing Ro's love for him broke my heart! The longing and regret is so real to me that I almost couldn't finish reading this chapter! WOW Hobbins, you rock in so many ways I have no words! Although I'm not a big fan of T'Challa, his death saddened me. This story is ranking right up there with "BloodBonds"! Write on windrider1, write on! I can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: I'll take that as a huge compliment since i know how much you loved BB. Muah!! Love ya, El!!

Smiky03-07-06 - 07:38 am9: Tears and RainAnonymous
Update soon! That's a great story!

Author's Response: Thank you for the review!! **grins** and I will!

JamesGirl051203-06-06 - 04:54 pm9: Tears and RainAnonymous
I. Am. Speechless.

Author's Response: Ha--you? Really? More soon JG. ;) Always mucho thanks muse.

X18103-06-06 - 01:55 am9: Tears and RainAnonymous
::Mutters wide-eyed:: I was actually starting to like T'Challa. That was incredible, one emotional rollercoaster after another. I feel terrible for Ororo for having her happiness wrenched away in that fashion. As for Logan, he's going to need the jaws of life to get him out of the awkward postion that he's in, and T'Challa, wooooo now there's a bum deal. I was struggling with my love/hate issues about him and now he's gone, I just don't know what to do anymore ::sniff:: (just kidding). If an author can invoke that kind of feeling in a reader about a character I'd say it's a sign of bloody brilliance. Can't wait to see where you take this :).

Author's Response: I can't wait to see where I take this either, lol. It's one of those writes itself stories! ;) The best kind for an author. Thank you sooooo much for the generous praise. I swear the more I read these reviews the more I want to just write and write!! Love it, and you for taking the time to leave it. It means so much!

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