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Reviews For A Day In The Park
iluvtornado307-10-10 - 02:26 am1: The Picnic, Part OneAnonymous
Wow. This story was amazing! I love the detail you used to describe everything. It made everything seem even better. I love how you mad Ororo and Logan express their love for each other. In all, this story is simply amazing. It will take a lot for others to match or beat it.

Author's Response: Thanks very much, Tornado3. I'm glad you liked it and I really appreciate you taking the time to leave feedback on it because I have been recently mulling over some ideas for adding a second part to this story. I have one idea spawned naturally from the first but need a few other things for the pair to do or talk about. I appreciate your time. Thanks for reading my story. - W6C

Linda Gagne04-10-10 - 04:37 am1: The Picnic, Part OneAnonymous
What a great romantic story.... You are so good at allowing your reader to become one with the moment and I loved every minute of it. My heart and other things were pounding as I felt everything this story offered. It was so erotic and filled with emotion, I didn't want it to end. And what an ending it was. I'd love to fall asleep in the park in my lover's arms resting on his chest..... Thanks for this wonderful story!

Author's Response: Well I'm glad you liked the story, Linda. Thank you for reading it and thanks for taking the time to let me know you did enjoy it. I appreciate your thoughts on it. - W6C

ToughSpirit10-04-07 - 12:42 pm1: The Picnic, Part OneAnonymous
That fic was sexy. I have not read a fic like this in a while. Good job.

Author's Response: Thanks very much. Tiger, I'm glad you liked it. It was a fun one to write. -- W6C

Steph :)09-07-07 - 06:13 pm1: The Picnic, Part OneAnonymous
Oohhhhh *fans herself*. Now I'd like to have a day in the park like that ;D
Logan writing a novel for Xavier... "I wanna do you like that so bad."... OMG, I wonder if Xavier had something like THAT in mind when he told him to write LOL LOL Can't wait for Xavier's reaction when he reads it *chuckles* :D
Loved their playfulness, it works perfectly in the ultimate verse.

Author's Response: *chuckles* So you picked up on the type of creative writing Logan's gonna be handing in to Chuck? I can just hear Xavier's voice echoing through the halls -- "Logaaaan! I need to see you! Nowwww!" lolol I'm glad you enjoyed the first chapter , Steph. Thanks for the feedback. --- W6C

TigerStorm09-03-07 - 05:34 am1: The Picnic, Part OneSigned
I'm going to pretend that I didn't read the parts you'd tell me I shouldn't read lol

awww... that was sweet ;)

Author's Response: Good girl. Thank you. I'm glad you thought it was sweet. A nice platonic day in the park , right? Right. *grin* Thanks for the feedback, Tiger. --- W6C

windrider108-30-07 - 11:54 pm1: The Picnic, Part OneAnonymous
**needs cold shower**

Uhm, yeah. The way that story was...I think Rob will be thanking you in his prayers tonight, lol. If I let him move, that is. ;) In a word HAWT, W6C. Very HAWT.

Author's Response: Oh how I love sendin' the ladies to the showers. lolol I hope Rob appreciated you sharing bits of my story with him. Did he move? Did you let him move? lol Thanks for the feedback, Windrider1, it's always appreciated. --- W6C

salad08-30-07 - 02:08 pm1: The Picnic, Part OneAnonymous
wow.... all i can say is wow...

i got this in my mail from groups too.. but i'd prefer to read it here. plus it gives me the chance to tell u how WOW-ed i am by the story. lol...

keep it up W6C.

Author's Response: Thanks for the feedback, Salad. lolol love that username. I'm glad you enjoyed their li'l picnic in the park and thanks for takin' the time to leave me your thoughts. Appreciate it. --- W6C

Dragon08-30-07 - 01:48 pm1: The Picnic, Part OneAnonymous
Great chapter!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait to read the next chapter so keep on writing and UPDATE SOON.

Author's Response: Thanks Dragon, I'll be workin' on the next part as soon as I get a few pages of Eye done first. Always nice to hear from you, thanks for your time. --- W6C

OriginalCeenote08-30-07 - 01:25 pm1: The Picnic, Part OneSigned
I read this on group, and I had to review it here.

I love the scenes and the way they commune with each other. Logan's toes curling in his boots was awesome! That and the image of her teasing him away from his PC while he's just typing away. Good stuff.

Author's Response: Hey Cee! Aw, I like that - "the way they commune"... I guess that's precisely what they do huh? Nice descriptive. Thanks for readin' an' reviewin', it's always a pleasure to hear from you, my friend. --- W6C

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