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09/15/21 12:52 am
Hi y’all. Hope everyone is safe and healthy.

Reviews For 6 1/2 Weeks
QTFic01-10-11 - 01:15 am18: Chapter 18: 6 1/2 YEARS later Part 3 of 3Signed
Wow! That was a WILD rollercoaster ride and I enjoyed every minute of it!!

AngelAloft11-08-10 - 12:59 am18: Chapter 18: 6 1/2 YEARS later Part 3 of 3Signed
Damn! What can I say. Thank you for taking me on one helluva ride. As with all things we find exciting, I hate for this to end. I was a little scared there towards the end and let's be honest the beginning too with the relationship of a student and teacher, albeit our favorite couple, but damn lady if you didn't pull it off. Hats off to ya. One dynamite piece of work. Thank you for sharing.

Victora11-07-10 - 06:04 am18: Chapter 18: 6 1/2 YEARS later Part 3 of 3Anonymous
Absolutly loved every bit of it it was flawless so killed off old cue ball i really loved that part. Whooo loved how the love between ororo and logan was just as strong as ever!!!!!!!!!

Cee11-04-10 - 03:42 am15: Chapter 15 - Shady OaksAnonymous
TBC????????? GAH!!!!!

...doggone it, now you have me on pins and needles. I love this story.

Cee11-04-10 - 03:38 am14: Chapter 14 - After What Comes AfterAnonymous
"I'm comin', baby."

Finally, Logan's grown a pair. Love the stones on that guy. This is awesome. Thanks for the update.

DaughteroftheWind11-03-10 - 09:14 pm15: Chapter 15 - Shady OaksAnonymous
This has been a wonderful, somewhat painful journey. Finish it. Well done.

Author's Response: Thank you. The final chapter is on its way out...I had to break in into two parts though...both will be posted at the same time ;o) Thanks for following. - J

AngelAloft11-01-10 - 03:49 am15: Chapter 15 - Shady OaksAnonymous
Wow, what can I say never saw that one coming. I'm still riveted. Really good writing expressing their emotions and pulling me into them. Thanks for the good work. Looking forward to more.

Author's Response: Thank you. This is one of the few stories that I am really glad about...I think its because I'm actually close to finishing it, and have no plans for a sequel...Trust me that is a tremendous achievement for stories usually go on for like...EVER! Thanks again, for puttin that fire up under me to get 'er done! Cheers, J

DanielleduLys11-01-10 - 02:29 am15: Chapter 15 - Shady OaksSigned
Oh my! What a rollercoaster! I was so happy one moment, then so angry at Logan! LOL Please keep going! They deserve a happy ending! :P

Author's Response: Happy ending? Maybe...Logan kind of made me mad in the last chapter...then again I do understand his POV...a little.... ;o) so we'll

AngelAloft10-31-10 - 11:48 pm15: Chapter 15 - Shady OaksAnonymous
Yeah, this is not a review so much as a thank you. You responded to my e-mail concerning your fic, and I have been looking for it. (i.e. nanacatcat) I guess now the secrets out that I am the one who writes those horrible stories that need much help. :) Anyway thank you for updating, now off to read, then review. THANK YOU THANK YOU (smile)

Lilly10-07-10 - 12:51 am1: Schools Out ForeverAnonymous
please, please, please update this story :)

Author's Response: I know its been forever...hope you enjoy the new chapters...

esme07-02-10 - 05:09 am13: Mine To MakeAnonymous
i love this story & cant wait for more!

vaberella06-12-10 - 12:57 pm13: Mine To MakeAnonymous
Wow...I like Storm's strength in this story. Despite all the negativity towards her feelings and relationship with Wolverine she's standing by her man. That deserves cred. I hope she finds him and if they have outside the mansion.

vaberella06-12-10 - 12:28 pm10: The GardenAnonymous
Why did Scott have to go nutty?! I love that guy. My favorite male x-man. ~sigh~ Anyway..I'm enjoying this.

vaberella06-12-10 - 12:16 pm9: We have a SITUATIONAnonymous
Just so you know you have fans still reading. I'm loving this story. At first I thought this couldn't work because I couldn't see Storm as a teenager or 18 year old. However, you really pulled it off and I can totally see it. I hope that if Wolvie goes that Storm ends up finding him and they stay together. However their moments together are intense and the writing is fantastic. Keep up the reat work.

Cee06-10-10 - 03:30 am13: Mine To MakeAnonymous
DAAANNNGGG!!! "Please don't come after me." Direct hit, 'Ro. That wrapped that chapter up neatly in one line. Good work.

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