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JamesGirl051209-10-13 - 08:51 am4: Chapter 4Signed
Really enjoying this story W6C!

OriginalCeenote03-23-13 - 06:06 am4: Chapter 4Signed
Hudson is a mess. Definitely a toddling boy from the descriptions. My two boys kept me hopping with their speed, but my daughter was the one who had all the cunning when it came to getting past child locks and dumping out entire bottles of cough medicine. She could unscrew the battery covers of her favorite toys with a screwdriver by the time she was two. TWO.

Ororo's quiet reactions to Logan are funny and familiar. I love Hank and the stethoscope. Dratted, blasted enhanced senses for the two hairy ferals! The little details of what everyone is doing in the background of each scene makes them feel more authentic and tangible.

I think SpaghettiOs are one of the world's most vile substances, right up there with oysters, liver and bile, but their presence in this story still made me nod my head.

Author's Response: He's a mess? lol I'm hoping Ororo's reactions come across as familiar.... and funny. She's enjoying the entire ordeal. Yeah, poor Hank and those infernal senses. lol Spaghetti O's aren't vile. lol Especially when you're a tiny tot. *grins* Thanks for readin' my story, Cee... and for commenting on it. I always enjoy hearin' from you. - W6C

QTFic02-19-13 - 04:45 pm4: Chapter 4Signed
I'm glad Logan is adapting so well to fatherhood, but he needs to man up and talk to Ororo. Also I'm wondering of they are getting any closer to finding a solution to getting these little ones home.

Author's Response: Were they supposed to be focusing on getting them home? *grins* Logan and Ororo will be having a heart to heart soon... I can feel it. - W6C

AngelAloft01-12-13 - 06:49 pm4: Chapter 4Signed
Okay I'm using a different browser. W6C, this is just too entertaining. This little guy has just captured my heart. I'm loving his character. I hope he gives Logan hell. (evil I know) lol. Just one question who is his mother, don't tell me it's Heather. Please, please post more as soon as you can, you have been missed. A A

Author's Response: Hi Angel! I'm glad you're liking the story. And I'm glad we figured out how to access it with Pari's help *grins* I've fashioned li'l Hudson after a friend's small grandson... what a hoot he is. I just love the li'l guy. Baby Hudson's mother is not Heather Hudson though... it's Elektra. He's the brother of Rina who is already in the story, just from a different AU. In the comics Hudson grows up to have thick grey fur much like the Wendigo... never really liked that look... so I decided in this AU, Baby Hudson simply has his father's fangs so far. As far as giving Logan hell. LOLOL... you haven't seen anything yet. lolol Thanks for the review. I really appreciate it. Workin' on next part now. W6C

dudtheman05-22-12 - 07:03 am3: Chapter 3Anonymous
it was a cute fun story

Author's Response: Thanks, man. I'm glad you liked it. I have a few more chapters to post yet, so stick around. I appreciate your time. - W6C

TigerStorm09-23-11 - 10:00 pm3: Chapter 3Anonymous
Adorable story :) But remind me to never have that many kids!

Author's Response: *chuckles* Do you really need to be reminded? Just come back to this story often, it's enough to remind anyone. lol - W6C

QTFic06-03-11 - 03:55 am3: Chapter 3Signed
Awwh Logan makes an adorable daddy. Hmmm what was that reaction to his and Ororo's admittance of their feelings for each other?

Author's Response: I'm sure we'll find out the response. I'm glad you're liking the fic so far, QTFic. Stay tuned, more's comin. Thanks for leaving a comment, it's appreciated. - W6C

Cee05-26-11 - 05:06 pm3: Chapter 3Anonymous
"Because it too cold out Tide?" wahahahaha... cuuuuute.

I like the mental image of Logan doing laundry with his little girl. Gainee had a story I love out here when Logan is playing with Ororo's adopted daughter, and while he's folding his laundry, she wore his boxer shorts on her head. Again, fun, cute image, and easy to imagine, since kids do that kind of thing. I'm enjoying this story, but you knew that. Good of Ororo to drop hints...

Author's Response: LOLOLOL!!! You need to email me the title of Gainee's story. Sounds like a blast. I don't get much time to read others' stories and love it when someone can rec one for me. It saves my limited time in sifting through... well, you know. :) Was Ororo dropping hints? *grins* She did sort of put him on the spot there, huh. At least she has the class to do so in private. She's just too awesome. I love her. lolol I'm glad you got the joke! That she just misunderstood, not realizing the name of the detergent was Tide. Wait til you see who still needs to be introduced. Talk about keepin' Logan jumpin'. He's gonna be a gas. Stay tuned... and thanks for the feedback, my friend. - W6C

elise5005-18-11 - 05:59 pm3: Chapter 3Signed
I'm catching up with RoLo stories and I just wanted to say that I love this! It's so great reading Logan's interact with his tribe of children lol. I love how you've got down each of their characters and how everyone else is reacting to them. I especially love little Kendall, she is too adorable for words.

I can't wait to see what you have coming next. Thanks for your wonderful writing :)

Author's Response: Glad to have you on board the RoLo bandwagon, Elise. I'm glad you enjoyed my little story so far. The li'l darlins are my favorite - it might be the "daddy's little girl" syndrome. lolol I also enjoy writing the two oldest boys as well. I still have one child yet to introduce and he's goin' to have Logan running... and chuckling, I hope. :) Thanks for your time. - W6C

shejams05-18-11 - 05:02 pm3: Chapter 3Anonymous
Awww!!! Don't ya just love Daddy Logan. I know I do.

Author's Response: I do *grins* I think he'd be an awesome dad. If given the chance... Thanks for reading and for the comments, Shejams. - W6C

AngelAloft05-18-11 - 04:21 pm3: Chapter 3Signed
I am sooo smiling right now! I absolutely loved this chapter. The interaction of every character during dinner was totally realistic and endearing. Loving how Logan seems to be so laid back and taking it all in stride. And I have found a new love in Kendall's adorable persona. You have captured each character in a completely heartwarming and real way. I am already craving prolonged time with Logan and Kendall...oh yeah please let Storm come along too. :)

Author's Response: I'm glad you're smilin' right now, Angel. I have a lot of fun writing the myriad of kids and characters. I'm glad you've found a new love in Kendall. I know Daken isn't even close to what Marvel did to him, but that's one of the great things about writing AU's, it makes writing your own version of these characters precisely the way you wanted to see them possible. I think if Marvel had given Logan the chance to be a father to any of his kids, we could've seen a whole new side of him. Thanks for liking me point of view on him and his clan. I appreciate you takin' the time to read it and to leave feedback. Thanks. - W6C

Marbles05-18-11 - 09:42 am3: Chapter 3Anonymous
Oh, my goodness. How cute is this? I think I can feel the cavities coming on. Very glad you updated this - the RoLo family fun really made my day haha. I'm glad that, while awkward, Kendall's made progress possible for the relationship between Logan and Ororo. :) Very cute! Can't wait to see more.

Author's Response: Wow Marbles, you were perched and waiting, huh? lolol I'm glad you liked it. I had that planned forever, half of it written for quite a while, just couldn't get RL to let me loose to play. Thanks for reviewing and letting me know how you liked it :) Always appreciated. - W6C

Taco01-29-11 - 07:09 pm2: Chapter 2Anonymous
This was a barrel of laughs. I hope there is more soon. How is Storm making out with Kendall

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed it so far, Taco. More is in the works right now, am hopin' to have it posted soon. Life keeps derailing me... again. Storm and Kendall are goin' to be a lot of fun. :) Thanks for readin' and for the feedback. - W6C

bee01-16-11 - 08:01 am1: Chapter 1Anonymous
Oh, this is fantastic. Hilarious, but very sweet at the same time. There are so many of the kids that it's hard to keep track of them all, but you have distinct personalities pinned to them so it's not so bad. Baby Kendall is also very cute, O-m-g! :D Considering you posted to this site, I hope we can assume we know what direction Ro and Logan are gonna go. (yay for potentially awkward and funny romance?)

Update soon, please and thanks!!

Author's Response: lolol yeah I know there are so many kids, that's how many he's got... we're still missing one that's gonna be a lot of fun for Logan... he'll be showin' up in the next couple of chapters. Gonna focus a little on the ones already here, so they won't be so confusing to you; try to flesh them out a bit more so you'll recognize them at once. I'm glad you like this one so far - the holidays and a major snow storm blitzed us so I'm behind in my fic updating. Stay tuned for more soon and thank you for the feedback! It's appreciated. - W6C

joe12-21-10 - 10:40 am2: Chapter 2Anonymous
excellent as always w6c
look forward to reading more of ur work.

Author's Response: Thanks very much, Joe! I'm glad you're with us on this little journey of discovery. lolol Just when we think there's nothing Logan hasn't experienced in his long life, right? lol - W6C

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