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09/15/21 12:52 am
Hi y’all. Hope everyone is safe and healthy.

Reviews For Rebirth
AngelAloft06-09-12 - 06:03 am4: Chapter 4Signed
Dang Lady, I am so in awe of your talent for imaginative detail. Please don't leave us hanging for much longer. Heck of a piece of work so far.

Marbles04-09-12 - 07:00 am4: Chapter 4Signed
Sometimes I go back and reread things. This is just as gripping as the first time I'd read it. Leaving a review to say that if you're worried about people not reading, know that you have a reader that still wants more over here!

QTFic08-19-11 - 12:49 pm4: Chapter 4Signed
I'm soooo happy you updated, but i thought it was truly evil of you to stop it there!!

Are you kidding me?? Scott cheated on Ororo with Jean??

Author's Response: Lol. Another update is on the way. Cheated? Maybe...or it could be worse ;)

dispatcher65208-12-11 - 04:50 am4: Chapter 4Anonymous
Omg!!! That was a such a good update. I loved Logan's little confession that he needed her. I was kinda hoping that she would wake up like sleeping beauty for him. Now I can't wait to see how the fight at the school turns out and what Ororo's powers will be.

Author's Response: Thanks for hanging in there with me. I hope to do this story justice and I don't have as much time as I use to. Although, slow moving....I'll never stop writing RoLo :)

Felicia07-07-11 - 11:25 pm3: Chapter 3Anonymous
you ended it here how could you how could you do this to me

Felicia07-07-11 - 11:22 pm3: Chapter 3Anonymous
you ended it here how could you how could you do this to me

dragongigi`06-23-11 - 07:19 pm3: Chapter 3Anonymous
Really like the story line and the emotions between Storm and Cyclop and Wolverine and Jean.

elise5006-08-11 - 06:40 am1: Chapter 1Signed
Oh this is interesting; everyone's roles are switched up. It should be fun to see how everything comes together and whose relationships are true, especially now that Ororo's been drugged.

QTFic06-07-11 - 11:32 pm3: Chapter 3Signed
Poor Ororo, she is having a REALLY tough night!

AngelAloft06-06-11 - 04:25 am3: Chapter 3Signed
Had to review. This is really gripping. Your characterization is great. Don't leave me here, please post soon.

dispatcher 65206-06-11 - 02:08 am3: Chapter 3Anonymous
I'm enjoying this story. I can't wait to see what changes Ororo will go through and who will standby her through this and who will throw her under the bus.

QTFic06-03-11 - 03:27 am2: Chapter 2Signed
Well you know from my ff reviews that I'm loving this story!

dispatcher 65206-03-11 - 03:10 am2: Chapter 2Anonymous
Keep going this is great.

AngelAloft06-03-11 - 12:05 am2: Chapter 2Signed
Simply great! I have missed your story telling. Please post more as soon as you can. Love for RoLo has been sparse lately, but your work is awesome.

AngelAloft06-02-11 - 11:55 pm1: Chapter 1Signed
Loving it!!!! Said as I am pouncing in my seat. :) I have missed the way you write flowing conversation between your characters. I know fill ins for actions, places etc. has to be added in, but I do so love a continual conversation flow. And to have the reversal of character relationship is brilliant. There is a particular story I love where Ororo is married to Scott, but he has died, leaving her to raise their two sons and a baby on the way. Can't think of the title at the moment, but I think utilizing him in connection to Storm is great. She has gotten the short end of the attention spectrum as far as I am concerned. Anyway I appreciate how you have not had to villanize Jean for Ororo to shine. Ok I know I'm long winded, just excited to see you writing RoLo again.

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