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Reviews For "Gettin' Busy!"
Sheyahne 10-12-16 - 12:02 am1: "Gettin' Busy!"Anonymous
Loved it!

stormlover10-15-13 - 02:57 am1: "Gettin' Busy!"Signed
I love the way you write. I enjoy your work on FF and am happy to find more of your wrote here.

Britt199001-29-11 - 06:26 pm1: "Gettin' Busy!"Signed
I Loved this short story!

Author's Response: I'm glad, Britt1990, cuz I loved writin' it and it's still a favorite of mine. Thanks for taking the time to leave feedback. - W6C

JJ04-16-10 - 06:10 pm1: "Gettin' Busy!"Anonymous
Loved it! Nice writing!

Author's Response: Thank you very much, JJ. I hope you'll enjoy the others too. Thanks for choosing my story to read and for takin' the time to leave feedback. I really appreciate it. - W6C

purpledodah03-11-07 - 04:08 pm1: "Gettin' Busy!"Anonymous
Wow, wish laundry day was like this at our house.

Author's Response: Hey V! Nice to see you over here, what a great surprise. I'm glad you enjoyed that one, it's one of my favorites. Welcome to RoLo! -- W6C

Burnz11-19-06 - 06:35 pm1: "Gettin' Busy!"Anonymous
Fun and burnin' hot. I really like the part where she helps him rein his animal in before they become intimate. Good fic. :)

Author's Response: Thanks for the feedback, Burnz. Yeh, that's one of my favorite parts too. I like showin' how Ro has the power, understanding an' compassion to be able to control the animal in him. Thanks again, I'm glad you enjoyed it. --- W6C

OriginalCeenote02-22-06 - 05:16 am1: "Gettin' Busy!"Signed
Cute. very cute.

Author's Response: Thank you. --- W6C

Lyger12-29-05 - 07:55 pm1: "Gettin' Busy!"Anonymous
I'll never look at a dryer the same again ! Well i must say Logan is the only comicbook X-man that i would concider to be a rolemodel or hero but i like every thing about him,not to mention Logan and Ororo are in love that makes him one luck man,mutant,beserker,with the name "Wolverine"

Author's Response: It sure does make him one lucky man - mutant or not. I agree. Thanks for the feedback. --- W6C

MighteeMe03-10-04 - 04:57 am1: "Gettin' Busy!"Signed
That was the best laundry story I've read so far. Very creative.

Author's Response: Thank you MighteeMe... if ya' had fun doin' laundry, go check out the kitchen. *grin*

Saki12-14-03 - 04:38 am1: "Gettin' Busy!"Anonymous
Awesome! I'll never think of doing my laudry the same way again.

Author's Response: Lolololol.... I love to make chores FUN!! Thanks, Saki!! ---W6C

ToughSpirit11-16-03 - 05:29 pm1: "Gettin' Busy!"Anonymous
Talk about meaningful PWOP, if that's even possible. I think it is when it comes to your fic(s).

Author's Response: Thanks, Toughie. Meaning in a story without a plot..... ? Hmm. Is there a Porn WITH a Plot category??

Pari11-16-03 - 01:13 pm1: "Gettin' Busy!"Anonymous
You are the king of smut, that was freakin fantastic:) Sequel!! or Prequel:D

Author's Response: Yeah? Thanks, Pari. Long Live the King. *trumpets sound* Okay, they don't really, but I can pretend, right? Lololol.

chacreed11-16-03 - 11:43 am1: "Gettin' Busy!"Signed
Oh, hot, hot hot!!!!!!! Why things like that doesn't happen when I do the laundry?

Author's Response: LOLOL... shoulda made it in the kitchen, I guess. Glad ya' liked it. ---W6C

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