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Reviews For "Honey, I'm Home!"
sacred10-12-09 - 11:46 pm1: "Honey, I'm Home!"Anonymous
Oh my goodness. Damn, you know how to write good Rolo. I had to laugh at Logan feeling foulish if he were just hanging out of his pants. Lol. I think you nailed the way he talks.

Author's Response: Thanks, Sacred. I appreciate your kind words. Really need to get back to writing some more RoLo stuff. Been off in another fandom for way too long. Thanks for the review. I appreciate it! - W6C

Burnz11-19-06 - 06:32 pm1: "Honey, I'm Home!"Anonymous
A nice mix of hot and sweet. :)

Author's Response: Thanks alot for the feedback, I'm glad you liked it. --- W6C

Lyger12-29-05 - 08:58 pm1: "Honey, I'm Home!"Anonymous
That was one hell of an erotic story, and i for one would be willing to fight Wolverine as long as we both had the same ability's for the love,heart,soul and loyalty of one Ororo "Storm" Monroe.

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed the story. She's a wonderful lady isn't she? --- W6C

Hayley McClintock10-22-04 - 01:36 am1: "Honey, I'm Home!"Anonymous
This story and the two others I've read by you (Earth, Wind and Fire and the sequel, Walk on the Wild Side) are beautiful. That primal love that so few authors seem able to describe makes me just a little teary every time. Thanks for sharing the great stories, hope to see more from you.

Author's Response: Thank you Hayley. I appreciate your kind words. --- W6C

Pari01-14-04 - 04:16 am1: "Honey, I'm Home!"Signed
:o....uhm...excuse me while I...uhm change I'm speechless...didn't think that was possible:) wow, as always;)

Author's Response: yeh yeh, I know... go ahead, I'll wait here. I didn't think that was possible either....hmmm. Miracles *do* happen. lolol. --- Wolvie

wolv_weather goddess12-22-03 - 05:44 pm1: "Honey, I'm Home!"Signed
Oh my gawd! I think the heat coming off of them melted the plasma on my screen! Hot! HOT HOT! Great read!

Author's Response: Hot, hot, hot??? Good thing they started in the kitchen, eh? lolol So glad you enjoyed it. Thanks. --- W6C

storm_the_windrider11-16-03 - 10:21 pm1: "Honey, I'm Home!"Signed
........Wow........I'm speechless that was like so......perfect and sweet too. Really liked it!!! xxxx

Author's Response: Thanks, Windrider. Logan's a sweet guy. Not too many people know that. *grin* I'm glad you enjoyed it. --- W6C

ToughSpirit11-16-03 - 05:32 pm1: "Honey, I'm Home!"Anonymous
This was a very hot beginning to this fic. talk about having a great marriage, something a lot of people can only imagine *sighs* Love fic keep it up!

Author's Response: And others write it down. lololol. Keep it up? You got it! --- W6C

Sara11-16-03 - 01:11 pm1: "Honey, I'm Home!"Anonymous
Jesus Christ almighty:) Whoa, that I'm in a sweat::) It was like a smutpolluza:) Great work. wow.

Author's Response: Lololol.... you okay? *fans her with a magazine* Smutpolluza? lololol A new word just for me? Thanks. ---W6C

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