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vaberella06-13-10 - 04:36 am5: BlamingAnonymous
Of course another great story in need of updating. Loved it. I love the progression to a couple, I love the name Nivea and I could imagine how cute the baby is. And her powers are all out. So did Nivea kill the dog then? At just 1 years old. Wow.

bringirl200111-24-08 - 12:16 am5: BlamingAnonymous
wow-- this si such a good story- so raw and full of emotions-- PLEASE finish it- i want toknow what happens next--- thanks for what you have written so far- i love it

bringirl200111-24-08 - 12:01 am3: Chp. 3Anonymous
this storuy is soooo funny- you have done a brillant job with this one-- i LOVE this fic- every chapter has been enjoyable- thanks for writing

rolletti@yahoo.com12-06-06 - 08:38 pm5: BlamingAnonymous
WAAAAAAAAAA, Another MAGNIFICENT unfinished story. Please don't write anymore, just finish what you've started. I would LOVE to see and read the end of this and others. This marvelous story had me captured from the beginning and laughing so hard. Your humor is great and keeping the character in true from just adds to it all. I am overwhelmingly impressed.

Supertastik job

OriginalCeenote05-10-06 - 05:05 pm5: BlamingAnonymous
...are you going to add on to this???? Please tell me you're going to add on to this. I'm really enjoying this. The birth scene alone was enough to turn me into an addict.

Rising Phoenix05-01-06 - 01:32 am5: BlamingAnonymous
I like this story a lot. And I am really interested to see how Ororo and Logan resolve their differences, and whether Logan will accept Ororo's apology and forgive her. Is there an Update coming soon?????

gc04-11-06 - 11:42 pm5: BlamingAnonymous
Great story!
I love your storytelling, please continue I can't wait for the next chapter!!!

Lyger12-22-05 - 08:57 am5: BlamingAnonymous
This can't be the end you have to wright more about this young new family.

Lyger12-22-05 - 08:56 am5: BlamingAnonymous
This can't be the end you have to wright more about this young new family.

Lyger12-22-05 - 08:38 am4: Chapter 4Anonymous
Don't scare me like that , but i know she will be ok.

Lyger12-22-05 - 08:13 am3: Chp. 3Anonymous
This is some very funny poop i can just imagine seeing Logen change a diaper that's funny.

Lyger12-22-05 - 07:48 am2: Chapter 2Anonymous
That was a little different bvbut i enjoyed the storie.

Lyger12-22-05 - 05:51 am1: Introducing Nivea Munroe-HowlettAnonymous
Yes that is how it is in real life to. Strange food combinations weird hours got to love them.

Mrs. Zoolander11-27-05 - 07:04 pm5: BlamingAnonymous
Poor Logan, I know he blames himself for the early mutation of his daughter. At least he has gone back to console his wife. I hope everything works out! Update please!

Dark D11-18-05 - 11:22 pm5: BlamingAnonymous
Loved the story. Please continue I would like to see how it ends.

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