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Reviews For In the End
AngelAloft09-06-14 - 09:45 pm5: Chp. 5Signed
Promise I'm not late to the party on this fic, I have read it so many times over, just never reviewed. The first time I read it it quickly became one if my favorites, as with my writing it is obvious I love Logan and Ororo sharing alone time. This time in reading it however, I got a little sad knowing it is not finished. I know life has us all hindered at times from our passions, but would love the updates on.your fics. as they are definitely some of my favories. I don't know where you get your inspiration for your stories from, but I am amazed and enthralled with each one. So far I'm saddened by the loss of the Professor and Jean in this one, but overjoyed with the others being alive and well. Scotts final words so far "storms coming", priceless.

Rolletti01-01-10 - 09:20 am5: Chp. 5Signed
I LOVE THAT LAST LINE. I've read this story before, but I've never seen chapter five. YES! Wow this story is getting better and better as it progress. The love scene left even me breathless. My computer screen has steam all over it. LOL

I know you're sick and I do hope you'll get better soon. When you do I'll be looking for another update.
Sweet hugs and kisses for your boo boo, Pari.


williedearest08-15-09 - 06:04 am5: Chp. 5Anonymous
The last bit with Scott was fantastic.

shejams06-28-08 - 12:36 pm5: Chp. 5Anonymous
Yay! A long overdue update. Another great chapter.

Favorite line: “Whoa, storm’s coming.” (tee hee)

Keep it coming. (um.... pun not intended)

Update soon!

Sweet Pea06-23-08 - 10:42 pm5: Chp. 5Anonymous
Thanks for the update. The RoLo passion was on point.

It was a joy to read that Logan and 'Ro weren't the only ones to survive. Although I can't imagine all of them living in a smaller house together. Bring on the drama.

orororo06-23-08 - 11:04 am5: Chp. 5Anonymous
I missed this Pari!

Great update! Logan got molested by Ru hahaha. ;-)

Dragon06-23-08 - 03:56 am5: Chp. 5Anonymous
Grate chapter!!!! I'm so happy that you are back and writing again. I can’t wait to read the next chapter so please keep on writing and UPDATE SOON.

Sarah07-15-07 - 08:54 pm4: Chp 4Anonymous
This is another one I see you haven't updated yet...please oh please update soon.

rolletti@yahoo.com12-08-06 - 06:52 am4: Chp 4Anonymous
No not again!!! An unfinished terrific, powerful story. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh (screamig and running through cyberspace) What a horrible and sad beginning. You are so brave, I could never write character death. It was just so sweet to see that Logan took control and took care of Ororo. I got goosebumps when she turned and found he was not where she left him at the grocery store. OMGOSH even I wanted to scream for Logan. Great job sweets, whose my new best friend.
HAHAHA Love the story as always,

Rising Phoenix05-01-06 - 09:48 pm4: Chp 4Anonymous
I find this story very interesting. I would love to see more Updates. Will there be more??

Jamie B.12-04-05 - 08:49 am4: Chp 4Anonymous
Damn this is a good story! You should update ASAP!!!

ToughSpirit05-14-05 - 03:47 pm4: Chp 4Anonymous
I remember reading this fic over a year ago. I love it so much, I am simply waiting for you to update it. So please update A.S.A.P.

Mary05-14-05 - 03:19 pm4: Chp 4Anonymous

windrider105-14-05 - 11:59 am4: Chp 4Signed
bum-bum-bum! You have to update soon. This is good!

windrider105-14-05 - 11:58 am3: AwakeningSigned
Black hair? That's some dangerous ground your treading on ::wink:: Good job.

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