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Clarissa01-22-11 - 05:33 pm9: Breathe AgainAnonymous
Loving the story plot and the intensity and romance involved with it. The story goes above an beyond your typical Rolo fic. Must continue I'm eager to find out the reasoning behind why Ayaba has inhabited Charles's body.

dispatcher 65212-20-10 - 02:02 am9: Breathe AgainAnonymous
Oh c'mon. You have got to update this story. You left us at a cliff hanger. And not a little cliff, but a BIG cliff. This story is too good to be left where it is.

Ellen 12-15-10 - 03:57 am9: Breathe AgainAnonymous
Whoa, ain't that some shit? You sure know how to work a cliffhanger

QTFic10-16-10 - 05:29 am9: Breathe AgainSigned
Wow! I'm thoroughly enjoying this story. It is so different and so compelling. I can't wait for the next update.

playwiththewinds10-13-10 - 10:20 am9: Breathe AgainAnonymous
What a fantastic update. Cant wait for Ororo to figure out Logan. Or for Jeans appearance! Written really well, great read! And I loved the twist there at the end! Thanks for the update!

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing, makes me happy :) And that little twist came to me about a second before I actually wrote it. See this is why my stories are on hiatus so long, I can never seem to end them, I have every intention of finishing it at a certain point I get there and then I take it to another direction. I'm glad you are enjoying it.

victoria10-13-10 - 03:31 am9: Breathe AgainAnonymous
Excellent update whoo this story is magnificant and your writing is out of this world!!!!!!!

Author's Response: Woo Hoo!! Glad you like it, I just might finish this one before the new year. :D

vaberella06-13-10 - 11:40 am8: Captive VoicesAnonymous
I remember reading this story ages ago. It was great then, it's great now. This definitely needs an update.

Sweet Pea07-24-08 - 12:52 am8: Captive VoicesAnonymous
I'm so excited that she's alive. Maybe now Logan can try to make a go at something with her, especially at the lake.

ebonygriot07-05-08 - 10:52 pm7: ResetAnonymous
Wow, this was intense, enjoyable. I was captured from the first few chapter. at first I thought, 'where is all this history / goddess myths going?' Why are the Xmen not seeing the love that Logan is feeling for Ororo? I couldn't belive it when you wrote references to Ororo's death. Does Hank not get he has competition for Ororo's affections?

I was not impressed by Hanks initial proposal to use 'Ro's body. He ends up being a little inconsistent in the story so far. Hank's characther opened the door and Cyclops ran through it, ok Cyke's obviously lost it, but what's Hank's excuse for putting up such and idea in the first place.

The last chapter had an interesting twist and obviously opened doors to possibilities. Keep writing Pari you story and pace are working really well.

Purple Jade06-25-08 - 07:18 pm7: ResetAnonymous
Great story. Hope you update soon:)

Sweet Pea06-24-08 - 01:02 pm7: ResetAnonymous
Yes, Yes, YES!!!! My heart jumped for joy when I found out that 'Ro is alive.

Playwiththewinds06-23-08 - 08:27 pm7: ResetAnonymous
2 updates! your spoiling me, and one of my favourite story lines! Cant wait to read the showdown between Ayaba and Bennu, liked the twist there with imhotep aswell. Cant wait to read more!

Angel05-06-07 - 10:50 pm6: Here comes Trouble...Anonymous
Thank goodness Scott got what he deserved. That bastard. But, what's really going to happen to 'Ro.

Kathy07-30-06 - 12:27 am6: Here comes Trouble...Anonymous
I'm glad Scott died...the bastard! But i wish Logan would have done it instead..another great chapter Pari

Blackpanther07-27-06 - 08:21 pm6: Here comes Trouble...Anonymous
OH SHIT! That's one mean Ororo! "For her'? For her who? Rogue or Phoenix? And ouch that must a very painfull death for Scott. He desrved every last bit of it. Oh well. And will you update already?!

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