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Reviews For A Day Off
Anonymous04-05-15 - 08:33 am1: Chapter 1Anonymous
This story was so cute. Loved it

Author's Response: Thank You, Angelaloft.

Anonymous03-18-15 - 09:21 pm1: Chapter 1Anonymous
Lol. This was a sweet one shot. Good for Wolverine, tellin everyone off. They always take advantage of Storms kindness. Wolverine will is such a good balance in her life.

Author's Response: Thank you for reading, glad you enjoyed it, Angelaloft.

Swahili Lily08-18-14 - 12:49 am1: Chapter 1Anonymous
Love your fics AngelAloft and just to let you know we in Kenya drift into your world and are immediately soothed, so good.. so just know one review from here can mean so many more really needing this before they sleep! :D

Author's Response: Please forgive my extreme tardiness in responding to your review, but it is valued nonetheless. Thank you so very much for taking the time to give your feedback to my work, more to come and I hope you will continue to be a support with both your time and response.

stormlover10-18-13 - 11:11 am1: Chapter 1Signed
LMBO.....that's right! Give the woman a break. Good for you hubby Logan. Great fic. Thanks for sharing.

Author's Response: Your reviews always make me smile, thank you. A A

Beautiful Storm09-10-12 - 05:16 am1: Chapter 1Signed
Hehe! I love it!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: Glad I could make you laugh. In the midst of all my angst I love a little fluff and always a protective Logan. Thanks for reading and reviewing. A A

Ketaj131601-10-11 - 01:39 am1: Chapter 1Anonymous
That was too cute. Loved it.

Author's Response: Thank you for reading it Ketaj, I just love these two together. Also thanks for reviewing.

Ellen 12-15-10 - 04:08 am1: Chapter 1Anonymous
Hahaha how perfect was that? Loved it.

Author's Response: Thank you Ellen, glad you enjoyed it. Tried not to be too predictable, but it was fun writing it.

starnoble0310-31-10 - 10:43 pm1: Chapter 1Signed
LOL! That was FUNNY!

Author's Response: Your review means alot. Glad I could make you smile or laugh. Hope to read more from you soon!!!!

DanielleduLys10-29-10 - 10:40 pm1: Chapter 1Signed
Awwww. So cute and funny. Poor Ro, she sure needed Logan as a caring hubby! I'm loving your work AA!

Author's Response: You really made me smile reading your review. Sometimes don't know if my stories touch anyone one way or the other. Thank you and all the faithfuls.

victoria10-29-10 - 02:36 am1: Chapter 1Anonymous
nice story keep it coming!!!!!!

Author's Response: You are such a hoot! (smiling) Thanks for the encouragement! P.S. and the review.

QTFic10-28-10 - 01:17 am1: Chapter 1Signed
Loved it. It had me laughing, even though it hit a little close to home since my husband is always joking that I have "Easy Mark" tattooed on my forehead due to my inability to say "no" to my friends! :o)

Author's Response: You haven't said anything but a word. I'm such a push over! Guess I just wrote what I never say. Ha ha, oh well, that was a relief to get it off my chest. :) Thanx for reading and reviewing.

shejams10-27-10 - 06:58 pm1: Chapter 1Anonymous
Hee Hee
That was great. This story is both sweet and sexy.
I absolutely love the ending. Logan is the best. (actually this is something my husband would do,,, yay for me.) LOL

Author's Response: Thanx Shejams. You have been a constant writing support and your input is greatly appreciated. I have a journal full of fics, just not the time to post.

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