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Saturday morning 8:17 a.m.

She had just sat down in the mansions kitchen, with a cup of her favorite Kenyan coffee, from Kobricks Coffee, thanks to Charles' thoughtful gift to her. The pile of mail she had in front of her to open from the week was almost overwhelming. As she brought the cup to her lips for her first sip she paused.

'Ororo, would you please be so kind as to get me a hardcopy of the junior and senior student rosters, course of study listings and mutant class designates. I will need those at your earliest convenience. Thank you.' Charles Xavier closed off the telepathic link, without waiting for a response.

He watched her stand, tuck the mail under her arm and pour her coffee down the drain.

On the way to her office she was nearly bowled over by three male teenage students, doing what they were not allowed, playing powers tag in the house.

"Oh there you are, my dear Ororo," said Hank, getting off the elevator, "are you available to continue your bio-study I am working on this morning? You have proven to be quite an interesting genetic find, why I can not tell you my elation at the possibilities you pose..."

"Hank...Hank, I would be delighted to be your lab rat," she smiled at the enthusiasm that the big blue mutant exuded like a child at Christmas, "just give me a moment to complete a request from Charles."

"Of course my dear." Hank clapped his hands together hardly containing his excitement.

Ororo reached out touching his arm, acknowledging his understanding before making her way once again to her office.

He had just finished cuffing the three boys on the neck for disobeying house rules and almost running down the resident goddess, when he caught the conversation of the good doctors need of her for the day.

"Storm, hold on a second."

Her hand was on the knob to her office door, when she heard the call and turned to see Scott coming toward her.

"I'm glad I caught you before you got wrapped up in a ton of paper work. How about helping me out with a Danger Room diagnostic programming? The schematics have been a little off kilter lately. With the two of us working together, it shouldn't take anymore than four to five hours to get the job done."

Hating that he would be bogged down for far longer if she didn't assist him Ororo took a deep breath before answering. "Sure Scott, but will this afternoon be okay to start, I have a few things I have committed to that will have to take precedence, for the time being?"

"I think I can find some way to pass my time till you are ready. There's nothing like having time off to get ahead in my work." Scott said, as he patted Ororo on the back and went back the way he came.

He stood at the window looking out at the expansive pristine lawn, but hearing the entire exchange.

Finally in her office, with a heavy sigh, Ororo plopped down in her chair and placed her elbows on her desk and cradled her head in her hands.

Knock, Knock.

Jean entered the open door, finding Ororo still holding her head. "Hey you slacker. Don't tell me you are trying to take a nap this early in the morning. I thought you didn't do those anyway." Jean tittered, as she continued with barely a breath taken. "I sincerely hope you don't have plans for this evening cause I have a date with Scott to go to that new upscale restaurant in town, and I have to go shopping for the perfect dress. And I was hoping my closest friend could do me a favor. see I kind of got behind in grading some class work and test papers and I was wondering if you'd be a doll and do them for me? I know, I know it's asking a lot, but I will owe you big time." she plastered a huge smile on her face to go along with her plea.

"You go and have fun for me while you are at it. I think I can grade a few papers for you" Ororo succumbed to Jean's cajoling.

"I love you. You're a dear." Jean practically skipped out the door and re-entered pushing a cart with two large stacks of papers piled on it, before turning tail and running out again.

He walked away from the window across from her office, viciously gnawing on the unlit cigar hanging from his mouth.

9:48 a.m.

"You are welcome Charles." she said closing the door behind her.

Kitty and Jubilee came around the corner and immediately their faces lit up seeing her.

"Miss Munroe," said Kitty, "we were just looking for you. The professor says we can have a mall day tomorrow, but we will need a chaperone, so we were kinda...sorta wondering if you could be it?"

"Yeah." chimed in Jubilee, "there are some killer sales this weekend and I'm going for broke." She blew a huge gum bubble and let it pop.

"We know we can always count on you, Miss Munroe. You don't have to answer right now, just get back with us okay...later." Kitty sensing a possible "no" answer, pulled a protesting Jubilee by the hand and ran off.

Ororo stood ther amazed, never having the opportunity to say a word.

He opened the door to his room and slammed it behind him.

She had to have just a minute to herself. Taking the stairs to her loft, instead of the elevator to the sub-level, she figure one little diversion for a moments peace was necessary. If she knew Hank, his testing would be intense. She needed to breathe, to face all that was before her for the rest of the day.

As she entered her room she was assuaged by the smell of burning candles and incense. Toni Braxton's 'Let it Flow' was playing on the repeat on her stereo. Looking on the floor leading to her bathroom was a path of rose petals. She followed the trail. The sight before her eyes upon opening the bathroom door made her gasp. Inside dozens of candles were lit and the tub was filled with a hot bubble bath.

"Do ya want ta be alone or would ya like some company darlin?"

Smiling in advance of turning to the voice behind her, she felt her heart skip a beat.


"Who else darlin."

She walked over and touched his mutton chop cheek, as he leaned his fantastic body against the bathroom door frame. "Thank you for your thoughtfulness,...but I can not stay I have..."

"Not anymore ya don't darlin, it's all taken care of."

Ororo tilted her head and eyed him suspiciously. "Logan, what did you do? How do I suddenly have time for this?"

Logan's bland stare and lopsided smirk spoke volumes, as he said not a word.

"How did you know I would come up here?"

"It's my job ta know. I know everything about ya Ro. This is your haven, you sanctuary. It's only natural for you to need a minute to yerself, before jumping into the day they all had planned for ya. And I do mean had." He wiggled his brows at her, as he leaned in to capture the lips that had been calling to him since he entered her room.

Ororo easily surrendered her mouth to his expert onslaught, melding her lithe body to his muscular frame. Logan's hands were not idle as he divested her of her dress, stroking as much exposed flesh as he could, without breaking their kiss, that was wreaking havoc on their senses.

At last ending the sweet torture that he was inflicting on her, with his too sexy mouth, Ororo couldn't help but tease him. "So am I to consider myself work to you now?"

"Darlin, if I worked a thousand years, non stop ta keep ya it wouldn't be too high a price." He turned her so that her back was to his chest, holding her to him loving the feel of her satin skin against him. He moved her hair to fall over one shoulder, as he latched onto the delicious curve of her neck, nipping and sucking till his hearts content.

"Mmmm,...Logan," she moaned, "this mmmm...whatever it is you did will not reveal us to anyone will it?"

Logan stopped his feasting for a second. "Bout damn time the secret came say ya need company in yer bath. I'm done talking darlin."

Posted in envelopes on various doors throughout the mansion:

Ororo, Storm, Ro,

Has the goddamned day off!
Do your own shit.
And leave her the hell alone!!!
LOGAN the fuckin'

Posted on the bulletin board for all else:

Miss Munroe henceforth to be known as MRS. HOWLETT
Is unavailable this weekend. Period!

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