A/N: I may redo the beginning to match one of the anime scenes, but we'll see
how it goes.

Storm gently set the plane down a little ways from the facility that they were
investigating. Cerebro had detected mutant activity there, and Storm and
Wolverine decided to go and check it out. "Doing alright, Logan?" Storm asked as
she shut down the plane.

"As fine as I could be," Logan said, unbuckling his harness. "At least it was
you flying and not Scott..."

Storm paused for a moment as she remembered all those times she and Scott would
challenge each other to a flying test, and they would always tie. She brushed
those memories aside, lowering the ramp and joining her friend outside. Snow
covered the ground for miles, and the trees were as bare as could be.

After taking in their surroundings, they headed inside. After looking around, it
all seemed like a mental hospital, but they both knew appearances could be
deceiving, especially when it came to mutants.

Logan sniffed the air, picking up on a fresh scent, and followed it to a trap
door. "'Ro," he called. "Down here."

Storm hesitated for a moment when she saw that it was in a basement, but then
shook it off. Get a grip, Storm, she thought to herself. Nothing is going to
happen. That became her mantra as she walked down the steps.

What they saw next completely shocked them. Lines of empty vats met them in all
directions; most of them sliced open by someone... Or something... with the
carcasses lying next to them. "What the heck went on down here?" Logan asked.

"I don't know," Storm replied shivering at the thought of being in one of those
vats for who knows how long.

The two walked side-by-side, looking around. Storm would've sworn she felt
movement in the air somewhere above them; but every time she looked, she could
see no one there. It's probably just a rat, she thought to herself. "What
exactly are we doing down here, Logan?"

"I caught someone's scent, and it's strongest down here," Logan explained. "It
seems familiar somehow..."

"Do you think it could possibly unlock some of the answers to your past?" Storm
asked, knowing that Logan was still desperate for some answers.

"I don't know, darlin'," he replied. They continued to walk down the aisle,
Storm still looking around as she felt the air displacements continue to move. I
really should stop, I'm just being paranoid- "Logan!" She cried, moving out of
the way as she sensed a projectile heading their direction. Logan,
unfortunately, was not so lucky, as the projectile hit him.

Storm soon realized that it wasn't a projectile at all, it was a child. No more
than seventeen or eighteen if Storm had to guess. Her hair was jet black, and
she had emerald green eyes. When she looked at Wolverine, though, anger appeared
faster before you could say "X".

Logan blocked her punches, grabbed her hands. "Calm down, kid," he said. "We're
not here to hurt ya."

SNIKT! Two claws popped out of each hand from the girl. "Good, makes it easier
to kill you," she snarled. She kicked him in the stomach, and Storm saw that
there was an adamantium talon there. Logan doubled over in pain as it penetrated
the uniform and into his stomach. Storm brought a lightning bolt down upon the
claws in the girls hand, causing her to look up.

She ran off, causing Storm to follow her. She lost sight of the girl, and
hesitated when she saw what looked like a janitor's closet. Taking a deep breath
to calm her nerves, she slowly walked in. A hand grabbed her wrist and slammed
against the opposite wall. The owner of the hand escaped, closing the door
behind her, making sure it was locked.

"Try getting out of that," she said. A second later, there was a loud scream as
a lightning bolt struck, making the closet explode. The girl was covered in
debris and knocked out..

Logan finally woke up after his healing factor kicked in, and followed the scent
of smoke. He saw the girl covered in debris, and began wondering where Storm
was. He saw debris covering someone else with white hair. "Storm?" He called,
rushing over to her. "'Ro?" He asked kneeling down next to her. There was a
black streak running through her hair, and some of her uniform was scorched from
the lightning bolt must've struck her. Thinking quickly, he brushed the debris
off of her, picked her up, and started carrying her back to the Black Bird. He
paused by the girl, but only for a moment, thinking she would be fine.

After putting Storm on the medbay, he went to the pilot's seat, and started the

The girl woke up when she heard the sound of the jet engines. She quickly made a
run for it, and paused when she saw the jet taking off. "No!" She cried in
anger, falling to her knees. "I'll get you, Weapon X. I'll get you if it's the
last thing I do."

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