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It was two years after what had happened at Alkali Lake and the
two newest members of the X-men were Rogue and Bobby. One day
everything changed. "X-men come to my office immediatly," Charles'
voice rang through the entire school.

Minutes later Bobby, Rogue, Ororo, Logan, Kurt and Scott entered
the room and sat down. "What is it Charles," Ororo asked.

"I have some good news for you, Jean is alive," Charles said with
a smile on his face.

"Charles that can't be we saw her die at Alkali Lake," Ororo said.

Scott got up and he agreed with her and so did Logan. The others
were speechless. "I detected her with Cerebro," Charles stated
rolling out from his desk and going to the middle of the room.

Ororo got up and suddenly she got dizzy and fell into Logan's
arms holding her head. "Ro what is it, are you okay," he asked
helping her to stand up.

"I am fine I just haven't been felling well lately, now if you
will excuse me I wil get the Blackbird ready," She said walking out
the door.

"Logan vat is it vith her," Kurt asked looking at the door.

"Yeah, as soon as the Professer mentioned that Jean was alive she
tried to deny it," Scott asked the man who was looking at the door
with a questional look on his face.

"I'll find out right now," Logan said going in the same direction
Ororo went.

He caught up with her just as she came out of the changing room
with hr uniform on. Logan went up to her and grabbed her arm and
turned her around. Still grabbing her arm he asked "Ro what is the
matter with you. As soon as Charles mentioned that Jean was alive
you tried to deny it. She is your best friend you should be happy
she is alive."

"Yes I should be happy shouldn't I," she said pulling her arm
away. "But how can I knowing you will go back to her?"

"What are you talking about Ro," Logan said looking into her eyes.

"You loved her or should I say love her, Logan. If she had never
did what she did we would have never have fallen in love." Taking
off her glove she took his hand and showed him his and her left
hand. "If she had done what she did we wouln never be wearing these
rings. So where does this leave you and me Logan?"

She let go of his hand and ran off crying. "What am I going to do

"Nothing right now she will see in time that you don't love Jean
anymore," Charles said rolling up to him.

"I hope you are right," Logan sighed. "I don't want to lose her
because of an old flame."

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