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English literature, it was one of her favourite lessons, though, their teacher was pretty cool too, Mr Henry McCoy. The guy that depended on, or lived even, on Shakespeare. When she had first come here that had been her first task, Shakespeare plays, how many there were, and name them all. She had done it in class, no problem. Her parents, when she was little used to take her too see enactments of his plays, so she could learn.

For the past ten minutes she’d been staring out the window, creating miniature tornados with the wind, the leaves dancing to it’s song. She smiled contently, so her usual smile. She was making these things happen, but of course she knew that.

She felt a jab in her ribs, and her hand rubbed over the tender area of flesh, her smile gone, and it’s replacement was a snarl. Her icy stare never leaving her friend calm demeanour.

((Why’d you do that)) she asked through the psychic link, she and her friend, Jean, shared.
((Because your not paying attention)) Jean’s gaze drifted calmly to the front at their teacher who looked slightly curious, and yet slightly annoyed.

“Miss. Munroe, this is the last time I shall ask, can you please tell us what you think of Antonio’s and Bassanio’s relationship, from the scene we have just covered?” She gave a simple nod, and as usual she took a deep breath.

She had done this nights before, preparation for this class was needed, if you wanted to say on Mr McCoy’s good side. His beast like could easily make someone misinterpret his warm heart. It had never worked with her ‘never judge one, as they could judge you.’ That had been what her mother had taught her.

“At first I must admit I did find it slightly homosexual, but looking at it from an Elizabethan audience, they would have seen it quite differently, as it was common for a man to have a close relationship with a person of the same sex, and not be involved sexual. And looking at it from that angle, I found it to be platonic, though, at the time I did have to keep in mind of these theories that Shakespeare may have been involved with men, even if he was married.”

“Though I did not ask for Shakespeare’s relationship with men, I must say, well done.” He smiled at her. So what she and Jean were the teachers pet, the two of them were unpopular, and as other students would put it, ‘geeks’. the duo where straight A students. “It is true what Ororo has just said their relationship is platonic…” And so the lesson carried on.

It was in that time, when Ororo thought of the reasons why she was here, and why some people are just jerks. Her parents had died when she was young, at the age of five, a plane crash into their home, in Cairo, burying the three of them alive, Ororo survived. It was a year after that Charles found her, knowing who and what she was, he kept a tab on her, a mental hold. Not long after she travelled further into Africa. When her powers emerged, she stumbled upon a small tribe, here she learnt to control her powers further, and used them for the good of ‘her’ people. From the age of thirteen to fifteen, two years, she was their goddess. Months after her fifteenth birthday Charles asked her to come home, to learn and join his team of X-men.

It was then that they found how high her intellectual levels were, and how powerful she could one day become. Jean, the quiet red head she had befriended from the start, and instantly becoming a target for jocks and cheerleaders.

It wasn’t soon after, that the halls of Xavier’s became flooded, new mutants came and went within the time of two years, apart from that nothing changed, and she remained a target for the rich and demanding Amara Aquilla, and her group of friends, or as Ororo called them ‘the followers’, Rogue, who’s name no one was sure of, and Catherine Pryde, and not forgetting their personal ‘hit man’, the bubble gum chewing Jubilation Lee.

But they weren’t the only one’s how gave them trouble, the footballers were tough cookies too. Except for one, Scott, but that’s because he had fallen for Jean big time. Jean and Scott had been here before her, and were good friends, always had been, but since Scott joined that football team, they saw less and less of him everyday.

The football team made up of;
Alex Summers-Scott apprentice
Kurt Wagner-Nightcrawler
Sam Guthrie-Cannonball
Lucas bishop-Bishop
Bobby Drake-Iceman
Roberto DaCosta-Sunspot
James ‘Jamie’ Madrox-Multiple
Logan Howlett-Wolverine and so on.

She didn’t much care for football though, she just new the players by name, everyone did. When there was a match on she’d stay inside, cooped herself up in her loft apartment, as Jean called it, and worked on her art, or rode the winds, to strengthen her powers. As long as no one caught her flying she was fine, apart from the Professor and Jean no one else knew how she could use the winds to levitate her self, or to some people to fly.

The bell went.

Picking up her things and stuffing them in her bag, she got up. Slumping her back over her shoulder as she slowly dawdled out of them room. She noticed that Jean had gone, probably scared that Miss. Niles (Tessa) would shout at her for being late again. It was then that it happened.

“You think your so clever don’t you?” Amara’s voice sounded the corridors, as she stepped out of the class room, to wards her locker.

“Excuse me!?” She had always been smart, her parents were two of the smartest people she’d known, many times Charles had also told her that she had a high IQ, one of the highest in the school, ‘so no I don’t think I’m smart, I know I’m smart’ she thought, but she refused the temptation to say it, all hell would break loose, surely.

“That big ‘speech’ you gave, and you weren’t even paying attention, and yet the teacher still bows down to you and gives you praise.”

“Well, I was a goddess.” It was a bad move, but she could no longer contain it, and to be honest it was a good comeback. Amara smashed her into the lockers, and held her up, her fore arm crushing her throat.

“Don’t do it again, you hear me.” She spat at her, physically. Letting Ororo down she walked away.
“Bitch” she whispered. Amara was fuming, turning hastily on one foot, her fist connected with Ororo stomach, with such force it made her scream.

Another punch, Ororo found herself on the floor. A foot connected with her jaw, blood spurted everywhere. “I heard that” Amara said watching as Ororo cried on the floor.

“AMARA! PRINCIPLES OFFICE RIGHT NOW!” Mr. McCoy’s voice bounced from the walls, he looked sternly at the ‘pop princess’. Another student-Logan-rushed to her side, and helped her.
“Easy now” He sounded different, less rough. Mature. “You ‘k?” He asked, did he care? No, a guy like him can’t possibly care, can’t feel.

“No! Why d’you care anyway, she’s one of yours.” She threw back bitterly, as he took her to the medi-lab.


McCoy was just talking to me ‘bout my English course work from last term, my heightened senses letting me know sumthin’ was wrong, that’s when I heard it. A scream, one that’s in obvious pain.

Munroe’s scent comin’ off strong in the room, anger, fear, PAIN. Clear enough right. Mr McCoy smelt it to, I could tell, he wer ahead of me.

His shout piercing’ my ears, I thought they’d bleed. I saw Amara, she had her innocent look plastered on her face, why? I didn’t know. Not ‘til teach moved out o’ the way.

That’s when I saw her, lying in the foetal position cryin’ her eyes out. I’d never seen her hurt before, but then I ain’t been here long, so I didn’t know her well.

From the first day I arrived here, I got drag into the wrong crowd. Me, I’m a loner, a lone wolf. Just like her, kinda anyways.

I went to pick her up help her, y’know. I wanted to. I tried to comfort her, but she threw it back at me.

“Easy now” I said, “You ‘k?” stupid question really, ‘course she wasn’t okay. Great start, huh?

“No! Why d’you care anyway, she’s one of yours.” She threw back bitterly. What was that meant to mean? One of mine…I let it drop, no point in arguing’ with her, not one who controls lightenin’, with the metal in my body, she’d kill me.

I took her to the medi-lab, sooner the better. We stayed in silence the whole way there, strange thing was it weren’t uncomfortable. I knew she’d noticed it too, from all the looks she kept glancing my way, it was impossible to miss.

It weren’t long before McCoy…Hank came down, cleared her up a bit. I don’t know why, but I felt possessive over her, I growled, I don’t even know this girl, ‘cept she’s smart, keeps herself to her self, same as me, part from the smart part I guess.

How long I just stood there, I don’t know, but Hank had gone, she was just starin’ at me, again. I met her gaze, only to have her look away, blue eyes. They worked beautifully with her, on her? Not sure how to explain.

“Thank you.” Did she just thank me? She smiled shyly. “Sorry to what I said earlier too, I had no right.”

My mind was reeling, I didn’t know what to say, no one had ever thanked and apologised to me in the same sentence b’fore. Only too words rolled off my tongue at that moment.

“No problem.”

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