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Sometimes when I sleep, I am not truly asleep, I can open my eyes and wake up at any moment. Maybe it is because of Logan’s nightmares, that I am the only one who can help, who understands. I myself have had my share of nightmares, I know how they haunt you until you want to scream and find release. But that is not it, his nightmares are rare, almost none existent now. He tells me it is because I have come into his life, that I am his retreat his solace. I have never really believed him, ever, I loved him instead… I still love him, always will.

He sleeps with me now, and he is aware that I am watching him. I like to watch him sleep, he sleeps like an innocent child, he never stirs, just snores lightly. It always makes me smile. He reminds me of our daughter Kendal-Logan, but I groan when certain memories with her flash into my mind. She’s a well behaved girl, it’s just she came be too curious sometimes. Take last week for instance…

…I was teaching my history class that morning, and Kendal was with me. Logan and I decided that she should stay home due to a mild temperature. She was upset about not going to school that morning, but she didn’t mind all that much when I told her that she could come and teach my class with me.

She was sat on my lap, colouring various pictures, and singing her own songs. It was adorable, I can never get enough of her signing, it’s almost soothing. Almost. she wasn’t distracting the students or so I hoped. I smiled as she took a red pencil crayon from me. But trust me on this my smile soon faded.

“Mommy,” she said, putting her crayons down and looking up at me. Her blue saucer like eyes looking into mine.

“Yes sweetie, what is it?” I asked. She bit her lip and looked down, twiddle her thumbs as she did so. She could be so innocent when he wanted to be.

She looked at me again and said, “Why was daddy on top of you last night, and why were you shouting at him?” I looked up from her and turned my attention to my class who had burst out into giggles. I must have gone ten different shades of red. I tried to speak but the words got caught up in my throat.

“Yeah, Miss why is that?” Jamie Madrox said. I swear that boy used to be the most quiet, polite and well behaved student I once taught, but as soon as Bobby graduated and joined the team, Jamie’s instantly filled his shoes. I cringed. “We’ve all heard you telling the Wolverine off!” He said provoking another round of giggles.

I looked at Kendal, and she stared at me meaningless, and I knew that look, it was her ‘I’m-not-going-until-you-give-me-a-good-answer’ look. I sighed.

“Me and your father,” I whispered, which was probably all I could manage at the moment, “Were discussing on whether to give you a little brother or sister.” She looked at me funny, but soon gave up as I raised my eyebrow.

“Discussing? No, no more like grunting,” Jamie cried, “And it’s more like making and not giving.

It was horrible, for the last week I’ve had students snicker behind my back, well until Logan sorted them out, and goddess did I thank him. Groaning, I get out of my bed and head towards the shower. I turn the water up to a hot temperature, and wince as it hits my back, slowly I get used to the warm liquids touch.
I pick up my razor from the small shelf that Logan put in for soap and shampoos, that is high enough for us two to reach but not little Kendal. I gently stroke the razor up my leg, feeling it’s smooth caress against my freshly shaven skin.

I feel a strong arms wrap around my waist, and I lean back into the embrace. Logan takes the razor from me, and bends slightly, drawing the razor up my other leg. My eyes widen as he gently and oh so very lightly skims it between my legs. I moan lightly. He turns me around so that I face him, and he kneels down. He is still gliding the razor up my leg, but you have no idea of how this man can multi-task. He runs his tongue at the inside of my thigh, running it over my clit. I grab his hair. I’m still sensitive from last nights workout. He plunges deep inside me and I moan wantonly. I can feel my approaching orgasm,many different colours clouding my vision.

Jean gave me a task after Logan and I married. She gave me too glass jars, and said that for every time we make love we put a dollar into one of the jars, and every time we don’t then a dollar is to be removed and placed in to the other jar, and let me tell you this, the jar that means no late night activities, is almost always empty, and for the other jar, lets just say, there is more than one jar.

Logan comes up to face me, and I kiss him, slow and simple to start with, I can taste myself on his lips, the strange thing is I like the taste, and he knows it. I settle my legs around his waist, and arch into him, he’s already super hard. I swallow hard, my breathing is already laboured. On his first thrust we slip, the showers flooring is soapy and most probably unsafe, he moves us around and shields me from hitting my back hard on the shower controls. I wince as the on/off button hits my back, it takes the water only a moment to switch off.

He’s teasing me now, circling himself around me. Goddess, how I could do this for hours. “Logan…” I beg. Panting as I try to focus. He gives me a curt nod and enters me slowly, pushing me back against the on/off button, causing the water to turn back on. With each of his thrusts the water blimps, not that any off us seem to care.

I arch into him, meeting him thrust for thrust, I can tell the animal within is raging to be set free as Logan stops what he's doing, battling himself, I smile and kiss is forehead. “I am right here Logan.” He looks at me for a second, and than smiles. I bring my hand to my shoulder and tap it lightly. He buries his head in the nape of my neck, I feel his teeth dig into the skin. I moan at the pain, but also at the pleasure that curses through my body at the thought of Logan wanting me forever. I arch into him again, our eyes locked.

“‘Ro…” I can feel my stomach muscles convulse as my orgasm builds up, “Come…fer me.” I shake my ‘no’. I pull away from him slightly, and then push myself onto him. I repeat my actions.

“Come…with me…Logan, please.” I state in harsh breaths. My eyes roll back as he speeds up the pace. My hands roam the walls for something to hold onto, but they find none, so they lock onto Logan’s hair, tugging violently at the strands.

“Logan!” I scream, as I feel me orgasm release. My head falls forward onto his shoulder, and I weep, he doesn’t know why, but it’s not too hard to guess, I have been acting more emotional than usual, the evidence is in the trash can. Logan released then, emptying himself within me. I untangle my legs from his waist and I fall to the floor, he comes down with me. His orgasm has already subside, and mine isn’t half way through yet.

“You alright darlin’?” He asked me. I don’t think I have ever cried when we’ve made love before, except for our first time together. I nod. “Good.” He says, as he plants a kiss on my fore head. We sat on the floor for what felt like hours, neither one of us wanting to move, but knowing we had too.


Kendal was off school again today, all her class mates were too as I think about it, the small building was being repaired of some damage by older children, broken glass etcetera. Not that I minded of course. I was hoping that she didn’t ask me any more embarrassing questions, I still don’t think I’ve gotten over the last one. I look around, my gaze landing on every one of the students. I smile, and I can’t stop, instead it grows wider, as it had done on my wedding day, no matter how many tears I cried. I choke up then, like I did in the shower this morning, a tear stains my cheek, as I cry. The students stop there work, and look at me.

“Ms Mun…err…Howlett are you alright?” I hear on of the girls ask, I wipe my cheek with the back of my hand, and nod, “Yes” I whisper. Kendal comes to me, and I place her on my lap.

“Why are you crying?” She asks in the sweetest voice possible. I didn’t even know that Logan was in the door way, but somehow I knew that someone was there. I smile at her, my hand resting on my stomach. It is then Logan came to me, taking his hand in mine, and planting a soft kiss on my lips, he smiles. He knows it too.

Two words roll off my tongue then as I look at my baby girl, “I’m pregnant.” She smiles at me, pressing her ear to my stomach, listening. The class room is then full of cheers, and ‘congratulations’, Logan kisses me again, all he can do is smile and that’s when my sweet child asked me…

“How? Did you eat it?” All I can do is laugh.


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