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"Yōkai were ah class of obake, creatures in Japanese folklore, several with chinese origins just ta let ya know, ranging from the evil oni to the mischievous kitsune. Some possessed part animal and part human features. Yōkai generally had ah sort of spiritual or supernatural power, and so encounters with human beings tended ta be dangerous. Yōkai also have different motives and agendas from human beings, which are often completely incomprehensible.

Japanese folklorists and historians used yōkai as "supernatural or unaccountable phenomena to their informants". In the Edo period, many artists, such as Toriyama Sekien, created a lot of yōkai inspired by folklore or their own ideas, and present day not a few yōkai created by them wrongly considered as a legendary origin. Some yōkai simply avoided human beings; they generally inhabited secluded areas far from human dwellings. Other yōkai, however, choose to live near human settlements out of some strange attraction to mankind; perhaps they were drawn by the warmth of human houses, or the oil that humans keep to feed their fires. Yōkai were traditionally associated with fire, the direction northeast, and the season of summer, when the spirit world was closest to the world of humans. Yōkai are often depicted in guises as much humorous as terrifying." The instructor said as he saw a student raise her hand. "Yeah um....Kara is it?"

"Mr. Logan could you tell me who Toriyama Sekien is?" The young teenager questioned almost fearful of being ignored.

Logan smirked as he scratched the side of his think dark mane. "He was ah print artist of the genre ukiyo-e who specialised in yokai. Before engaging in printmaking, he was a painter of the Kano school. In the 1780s, Sekien undertook ah thorough study of the Japanese supernatural beings. The result was his Hyakki Yakō series, on which his fame lies."

"Oh um will there be a test on this?" The shy little book worm asked. She reminded Logan of the little book worm in Harry Potter. What was her name? Hermainie or something.

"Would you like it ta be?" Rebuttled Logan. "I'm sure a few of ya have an advanced form of memory. So remember'n ain't goin ta be hard for you, but this isn't pure facts. Ya have to want ta learn and enjoy it. I'm not one for books or tests but I do learn. The hard way at times but I do. Known books don't mean ya learned. Ta learn means to know it here..." He points to his heart " and use it here." He then points to his head.

It was at that point in time the bell rang and his class on Japanese Culture ended for the day. "Ah want ya ta read Konjaku Hyakki Shūi and we will talk bout it next week."

The students filed out past a figure waiting in the threshold. Her name is Ororo Monroe, the mutant named Storm.
"I here this is an interesting class to be in Logan." Storm's calm voice sounds like a song upon the wind.

"If ya say so 'Ro." Wolverine replied as he erased the chalk board. He liked ta teach the old way, with a chalk board, not through the holoemitters from the Shi'ar empire.

"Several children say that old friend. So much so I had to see it for my self." Ororo had stepped through the threshold now standing near is desk. "So are you going to continue the class next semister?"

"Don't know Ah'm suppose to tell Emma tomorrow." Logan grinned. "If nuthin happens like Sentinels or Brotherhoods."

"I have heard we may have a new member within our ranks." Ororo said casually changing the subjest.

"Yeah. Why tell me 'Ro?"

"Emma wants you to evalute him."

"Great." Who is this member?"

"My name is Chance, Chance Howlett." answers a man of about 6 foot stands at the door. His Ice Green eyes and black short hair set of his exotic features.

"What did you say your name was?" Logan asked

"Chance Howlett, is there something the matter?"

"No not really Chance." interrupts another man as he joins the small group. His name is Jack Micheals, a member of the academy but not the X-Men.

"Hello Jack." Ororo answered with a warm smile. "You see Chance you share a last name with another X-Man."

"Really? Who?" Chance asks

"Me." Logan walks out of the class room.

TO be continued

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