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First I want to say that this is only my second story and don’t go hard on me if you don’t like it. This is a prequel for my first story Gaining, Kidnapping, and Losing. This story is called Becoming and this chapter is called The Date. I want to show all of you RoLo fans how they came to be.
SUMMARY: This is how the perfect couple came to be
// are thoughts

It was two days after the events of Alkali Lake and everyone was devastated about the death of Jean. “Ororo can you please prepare an extra room,” Charles asked as Ororo passed him in the hall.

“Sure who’s coming,” Ororo asked when she stopped at the end of the hall.

“An old friend, Hank,” Charles smiled.

“I haven't seen him ever since Jean got her degree,” Ororo said stopping remembering her best friend.

“Yes, he is coming back as a doctor and is arriving in a couple of hours,” Charles said answering her next question.

“I’ll get the room ready right now,” Ororo said as she walked away and went to the second floor of the mansion and went to the room next to Logan’s.

Ororo went to the closet and pulled out a set of freshly washed blankets and started to put them on the bed. Just as she was done Logan appeared at the door. “Need some help?”

“Logan you startled me,” she said. “No I don’t need help because I am done.”

She walked out of the room and closed the door behind her. “Now if you will excuse me I have to go tend to my plants. I will be in the green house.”

“Okay, but wait who’s coming,” Logan asked before she walked off.

“He is an old friend. Henry McKoy but we call him Hank,” Ororo stated before she walked off.
Later that day in Logan’s room. “I can’t be. I am falling for her.”
At that same time. “I am falling in love with him. But there is no way he will feel that way about me he loves Jean, her being dead won’t stop him. I won’t tell him.” She started to cry.
“I won’t tell her because there is no way she will feel he same way about me.” Logan said. //she deserves better//
“Hank this is Logan. Logan, Hank,” Charles said as the two men shook hands.

When every one welcomed Hank they noticed Ororo wasn’t there. “Where’s Ororo,”

“She’s in the green house, I’ll get her,” Logan said before he set off to get Ororo. Minutes later Logan arrived at the green house and he heard crying. “He made his way of the end of the green house and saw it was Ororo who was crying. “Ro why are you crying,” Logan asked.

“Ro,” she questions.

“Name fits yours,” he said as he knelt down near her and wiped away her tears.
“It’s nice,” she said as she smiled.

“Why are you crying?”

“I miss her Logan. She always used to help me out here. It was like our quality time together.” She mentioned when she started up to the green house door.

“Oh the reason why I came out here is Hank’s here,” Logan said. “He wants to see you.”

“Ok I’ll see him in a minute,” Ororo said as she kept on walking.

“Ro wait,” Logan said as he got up to his feet and she stopped and did not turn around. “How about we go out for ice cream tonight my treat?”

“I’d like that,” she said to find that was staring into Logan’s eyes.

“Okay say around 8:30 after dinner,” Logan suggested.

“Okay,” she smiled.

Later that night when Ororo and Logan were about to leave, Ororo was still in her room thinking about the reasons why Logan would ask her out. // I was crying cause I miss her. //

She walked out of her room and headed down stairs to meet Logan. //He felt bad for me that’s it//

Deep down inside of her she was hoping it was something else. When she reached the top of the stairs Logan was already waiting at the door. Logan looked up at her and saw she was beautiful. She had on a pair of Black tight jeans and a white blouse that fit the curves of her body and a pair of white strapped sandals. “Ready to go.”

“All set she said smiling.

They took Ororo’s car and arrived at the closest Dairy Queen. “You can order anything you want.”

“I already know what I want and it is the Pecan Mudslide,” Ororo said.

“I usually order the same thing,” Logan said as they walked into the store.

They ordered their ice cream and they stared to take a walk in the park. They started to walk until Ororo’s feet got a little tired so they sat down on the closest bench, which over looked the lake. She didn’t care what she said before she just had to tell him. “Logan I have to tell you something,”

“What is it” he said as he took the last bite of his ice cream and throwing the container away in the garbage can next to him.

“I...never’’s nothing,” Ororo said.

“You sure,” Logan asked as she stood up.

“Yeah let’s jus go home,” She said as she threw the rest of her ice cream away and headed for the car.

“Ro wait,” Logan said as she stopped as he ran up to her. “Now I have something to tell you.” Ororo looked at him with teary eyes. “I love you.”

She did not say anything she smiled and gave him a passionate kiss and let go. “I love you too. Come on let’s go home.”

By the time they got home it was 10:00 and Ororo had fallen asleep in the car and Logan had taken her up to her room. Logan had walked into her room and noticed her smell of fresh vanilla and roses got stronger. He placed her on the bed and covered her with the blanket that was at the end of the bed. He kissed her forehead and headed for the door until he was stopped by a soft voice, “Stay.”

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