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Hope everyone likes this fic. This if the last prequel to Gaining Kidnapping and Losing. After this one I will start story that take place after that story. This chapter is called 24 Hours.

: Means telepathy. ~: Means thoughts
Summary: Logan and Ororo’s Wedding Day!

It was a beautiful spring night in Westchester. It was also the night before Ororo and Logan’s wedding. Ororo was packing Logan’s things in his suitcase so he can move in to a guestroom downstairs, just until the wedding night. That’s Logan came in? “What are you doing Ro?

“Don’t you remember Logan, you are moving into your old room, just until tomorrow?” Ororo said answering his question.

“Come on, don’t you want me to stay?” Logan said as he walked up to her. He wrapped his arms around her waist as she wrapped her arms around his neck. He started to kiss her and she got into the kiss and then she pulled back.

“Logan you know that you are not aloud to see me twenty-four hours before the wedding." She looked at the clock that was on her nightstand. ‘We only have an hour.”

“Then let’s make the most out of that hour.” Logan kissed her again and led her to the bed. He laid her down and continued to kiss her. Ororo slid her hands up her shirt and let her hand roam over his chest. Eventually she pulled it off. Logan did the same. He took off her shirt and bra and started to massage her breasts as she moaned.

Charles’s voice rang through their heads.

“He has wonderful timing.” Logan said sarcastically.

“Well, the sooner we see what he wants the sooner we can get it on,” she said in a seductive voice and she gave him a very sort kiss on the lips.


“You wanted to see us Charles,” Ororo said as she popped her head in Charles’s door.

“Ororo Logan come in.” Ororo and Logan did as they were told and sat down and Charles continued. “Remember when I said that I would get you the honeymoon.” They nodded. “ Well it came through a couple of weeks ago I didn’t want to give it to you until today.”

Ororo grabbed the envelope Charles held out. She opened it saw a certificate. She pulled it out and she gasped and Logan didn’t know what to say. “A two-month vacation to a private island in the Bahamas?”

“It is the least I could do.” Charles said.

“We can’t accept this Charles.” Logan said.

“It is the least I could do. For all your doing for both the school and the team.” Charles said as he rolled out from behind his desk.

“Thank You.” Ororo said as she hugged him.

“Your welcome,” Charles said as they walked out the room.

They headed upstairs to their room and finished what they were doing before Charles stopped them.


“AAARRRGGGGHHH,” Logan said as he released him self in Ororo’s body as Ororo screamed his name when she reached her orgasm

Logan collapsed next to Ororo and started to catch his breath, so did Ororo. “Next time do that we will be married.”

Logan kissed her on the lips. “ Yup and we will be alone for two months on an island, and you can make all the noise you want.”

Just before Ororo could respond they heard a beeping sound. “What’s that `Ro?”

“That was five-minute warning you have to go.” Ororo replied.

Logan knew if he argued with her she would win. He got up and gathered his clothes, which were scattered all over the room. Before he left he went over to Ororo and gave her a soft kiss on the lips. “ I see you tomorrow night.”

“See you then,” Ororo said as she returned his kiss.


Logan got on his motorcycle and went to the nearest bar. When he got there he sat on a barstool that was away from everyone else. He ordered a beer when a lady came in and sat next to him. “Bloody Mary, please.”

The bar tender gave her, her drink and she paid him. Logan ordered another beer. “You new around here.” The lady asked him.

“No, you.” Logan replied.

“No, just never saw you around here.”

“Just never came around here.”

Out of nowhere she came up and started to kiss him. “What the fuck are you doing?”

“I don’t see a ring on that finger, and who can resist a body like this,” the lady said as he pulled away.

“You touch me again and you’re dead. And I’m not getting that ring until tomorrow.” Logan put down money on the counter and stormed out the door and headed back to the institute.


Later when Logan returned from the bar he went to after left Ororo he parked in the garage. He went straight to the kitchen. It was now 10:00. Two hours ago he left Ororo, who was now asleep. He grabbed a beer and went sleep wanting to get a good night sleep for the next day.

When Logan got to his room, he laid on the bed before sleep claimed him.

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